View Full Version : How did they come up with any of TR1-7 puzzles?

01-09-06, 11:00
Hi there everyone,

Has there ever been any information about how any of the designers in the last 7 TR games brainstormed and designed what puzzles they were going to use?

Info on that seems to be like gold dust - I've spent ages looking over all of the designer interviews and I can't find much info about that, but loads of info on how they designed/re-designed Lara, water effects, location scenery etc...

Do they just have a flick through "The Big Book of Puzzles" (maybe the junior version for Legend? Or is it hopefully more involved than that? :D )

Are there any interviews or anything about this. To me it seems a bit of a mystery how they did it - and that's a puzzle in itself...

01-09-06, 11:09
I would've thought they just make them up and try to be creative.

Mona Sax
01-09-06, 11:38
A lot of them are inspired by mythology and philosophy (the scale puzzle in TR4, King Midas' hand, the giant Earth/Fire/Air/Water puzzle). I guess they got much of that stuff from history books.

01-09-06, 11:42
Indiana Jones :whi: