View Full Version : Unlocking N. Oxide in Crash Team Racing

01-09-06, 13:19
How do you do it usin that gameshark thingy?:confused:

TR freak
01-09-06, 13:21
If I remember correctly in time trial mode you have to beat his ghost to unlock him. I haven't played it in a few years so I might be wrong. I think thats how you unlock him tho.

01-09-06, 13:23
That only unlocks the scrapbook! I know that you're not supposed to unlock him... u have to use a game shark code or somethin... but i need proof that it works u see...

Thanks anyway :D

TR freak
01-09-06, 13:24
Sorry I haven't played it in a while and I couldn't really remember.

Mad Tony
01-09-06, 13:26
Well I have a GameShark 2 for PS2.
But it also came with a PS1 code archive disc, although i'm not sure if it has CTR on it.

01-09-06, 13:27
It's just i watched a vid on YouTube... SOMEONE WAS PLAYIN AS HIM!! and he wont tell me how the ******** :hea:

01-09-06, 13:39
This would probably be better in the videogames section! :pi:

01-09-06, 13:41
sorry... how do u move a thread?? :confused:

01-09-06, 13:43
Its ok, I'll do it for you :tmb:

01-09-06, 13:45
Drewey - you are the MAN!! http://smileys.inzenet.org/repository/Divers/3_4_9.gif