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star girl
01-09-06, 14:01
I really want to know if anyone here has a large family. I do. ANd it's just so fun when all of us cousins got together, even now, when we're not kids anymore.

Speaking of my mother's side only (i never really mixed p with my dad's, nor my sister) my grandmom has eight kids, four sons and four daughters. My mother is the youngest daughter, and if I come to think of it, my other aunts and uncles' children have had their children, which makes me an aunt (literally and according to cousins) about 33 times!!! :eek: I'm not even that old! (My niece is one year older than me ;))

PLus, 3 children are due september!!!! :yah: I have such a large family, that every year, either someone is getting married, or a new child is expected. In 2006 though, a wedding in january, and the couples' first child in sept! Isn't that sweet? *wipes a tear from eye*

THe most memorable experience of mine would have to be the wedding that took place earlier this year. EVERY ONE GOT SICK!!! It was some sort of viral flu a younger nephew bought from a man-made jungle, Changa Manga (I know nice name :vlol:) Well, presumably he got a flu from a monkey since we tease him a monkey too, y'know... brothers and sisters..... And in a short span (of 3 days), everybody, including the groom was taking anti-biotics (I was the first one to get the virus, since I gave him my scarf in cold wintry winds, and he sneezed 50,000 times on it before handing it back indoors). And he.... was all fine and going home safe and sound while all of us coughed our throats out... It was hilarious..

Anyway, now you share smething like that, if you're not asleep after all this. :)

01-09-06, 14:23
All my family has had like 2-3 kids but my aunty had had over 10 kids, and was pregnant with another one. But I have not seen them in about 3 years due to family rows so I don't know if she has more :eek:

Lara's Boy
01-09-06, 14:38
My family isn't really that large, and I don't care to spend much time with them outside of dinner, lol.

But I think it is great for large families to be so....familial :p

It would be great to be close to family :wve:

01-09-06, 15:00
My Family is erm not that big, I have a Sister, two step sisters, a neesie, whatever you call her lol, I'm a uncle I think lol. Plus my Mum and Dad. I have a Nan, and Grandparents I think.

Mad Tony
01-09-06, 15:08
I don't have a huge family.

@Rex: You don't have family!
You're a souless machine!

01-09-06, 15:31
My family isn't really that large, and I don't care to spend much time with them outside of dinner

Me neither.
Family isn't really important to me. None of my relatives has ever had more then 2 children. :)

01-09-06, 15:41
Only me, my mum and my brother left:)

01-09-06, 15:57
I'm from a two-child household, but my grandmother had eight brothers and sisters. Most of them are dead though.

01-09-06, 16:05
In my immediate family alone, I have 1 child, 6 surviving brothers and sisters (I had 7, but my youngest brother died last month), 9 brothers- and sisters-in-law, 17 nieces and nephews, about half a dozen great-nieces and nephews, one ex-husband, one father-in-law, oh, and my mother (Dad died 4 years ago).

I couldn't even begin to count my many aunts, uncles, and cousins, which must make it easily beyond 100 total.

My family MAY hold some responsibility for the world's population boom :p

01-09-06, 16:08
Oooooh Pets are family...me, mum, bro and rabbit!:D

Melonie Tomb Raider
01-09-06, 16:22
Mo mom has about 12 brothers and sisters (some of them are half brothers/sisters), so yeah, you can just immagine how many cousins I have! My dad just has one brother and one sister though. :p

01-09-06, 16:49
Nope. I don't have a very big family. Dad, mom, brother, one grandmother (mum's step mother), two grandfather's and two cousins...And I'm the youngest..:(
I had an aunt..she died 2 weeks ago, I had an uncle, he died 5 years ago. Had two real grandmothers..both died..:(..

Ward Dragon
01-09-06, 16:51
Just me, my parents, and my two brothers. Occassionaly my grandfather comes to visit, but that's only a few times a year. I never see any of my other family members outside of that. Sometimes I wish I had a big knit-together family.

01-09-06, 17:05
@Rex: You don't have family!
You're a souless machine!
:vlol: well said :D

I have 5 real cousins and about 23 second cousins, and some of them have kids, and my nans 3 sisters all have one or 2 kids, and her brother has a couple, i have so many second cousins and aunts and uncles ive lost count :p