View Full Version : Went to my first concert and MET my favorite Band!! AHH!!

Soma Holiday
02-09-06, 02:02
I can't believe how awesome it was, my first show ever and I got to meet my favorite band. I was expecting the place to be crowded, but I was surprised and disappointed that there was only about 15-20 people there tops. But I did get to meet all of them, so I guess it was a good thing!

I watched them tune-up for about 20 minutes and was completely speechless, couldn't believe that they were there, like 15 feet from me. It was an amazing feeling, but not as amazing as when I finally walked up to the merch counter and talked to Drew, who was an extremely laid back and awesome guy. I bought $40 worth of merch, which came in handy after the show since I got the EP cover autographed by each of them.
But back to the show...I stood there, like 5 feet from Ryan as he gave an amazing performance despite the obvious vibe that he was tired as hell, and despite the tiny audience. I give him props ( and the entire band) since he said they’d drove 16 hours straight with 2 hours of sleep and he still managed to give an incredible performance, slinging the mic and delivering his ever so beautiful vocals. Andrew had to be one of the nicest people I’ve ever met, and all of the band members seemed extremely grateful that I was a fan.

*happy dance* Incredible...can’t wait to see them again!








Melonie Tomb Raider
02-09-06, 02:08
That is so cool!! :jmp:

I'm glad that you were able to meet all of them too! :D Awesome pics, you looks so beautiful in that last one. Love the hair! :hug:

02-09-06, 02:11
Awesome! :tmb:

Soma Holiday
02-09-06, 02:11
Thanx Mel! It was so much fun!

lol...and this band is Greenwheel btw lol...their my favorite and I forgot to put their name down haha! :D

02-09-06, 02:16
Wooow awsome, Im happy for you :D

I wish i could meet my favorite band :jmp::jmp:

02-09-06, 04:42
good for you!!which one you like the most?:mis:

02-09-06, 04:51
Thats so awsome, i need to go to a concert again!

02-09-06, 06:04
Aww..lucky you..:rolleyes:
It look's like you had a lot of fun.:D

02-09-06, 06:58
That's really cool, Soma Holiday. I'm really happy for you. Glad everything went your way; you look like you're on top of the world in that photo. Well done :tmb:

Soma Holiday
02-09-06, 17:38
I was on top of the world! Still am! haha...after all, they are the reason I'm 'Soma Holiday' :D

Andrew (the one with the long hair) was the nicest guy ever! But all of them were really nice and awesome!