View Full Version : Help! Stuck on Sonic Riders

02-09-06, 07:47
This game is good and the cutscene animation really brought the characters to life.:D They grit their teeth, smile, etc unlike the past games'. And the racing levels are good too even when you're racing against a friend.:jmp:

http://img240.imageshack.us/img240/2574/ps2sonicridersjap23febrerovl9.jpg (http://imageshack.us)

On to the chase: I got stuck on the sky island where you're racing against the green birdy guy:rolleyes: Does anyone got past here and won? I can't beat him!!:hea: :mad: He's too fast! Any tips or techniques someone can share?

Legend of Lara
02-09-06, 11:54
*raises hand* I beat him. :jmp:
Try taking every shortcut you can. And boosting a lot helps but make sure you take big jumps for big tricks, regaining your air meter. Collect every ring you can get your hands on, making you faster and making your air meter bigger. When you win, a badly animated, terribly scripted but really funny ending shows. Hope this helps. :wve:

02-09-06, 12:20
Don't spoil the ending for me:mis: :D

Thanks L o L. I'll try that. I'm at a point where I wanna take my pillow and scream into it. I never get this frustrated since Sonic Heroes.