View Full Version : Tipsy Grandma! * drunk family members *

02-09-06, 19:32
*wedding last night in surrey*

I'd Never seen anything like it! My grandma is a 83yr old
dementia sufferer, who cant remember dinner, really small,
typical granny... so when she was tipsy lastnight while drinking champagne, i couldnt help but laugh.. so i finished it off for her :whi:
She was dancing with her fingers in her ears! :vlol:
Mind you, i was a bit hyper too :D id had my own champagne, and kept drinking other people :vlol: i kept laughing randomly....

*few years ago at home*

Its so funny when family members get drunk.. i remember mum drunk!
We'd gotten 2 kittens, and mum thought one of the new ones was the
oldest cat, which is old lol, but shrunken, then she found the real one and
tried to feed it ham and ritz crackers :yik: when it didnt eat them ( just licked ) she picked it up and ate it :vlol: then while watching men and motors, she shouted out random " BOOBIES! "

omg , isnt it funny when this happens...

02-09-06, 19:36
:vlol: U sure had fun Dave :p

SpongeBob Lover
02-09-06, 19:39
:vlol: i wish my grandma was like that :D

02-09-06, 19:40
You should not be drinking at your age! :mis:;););)

Come round to mine, i'll show you a good time.

02-09-06, 19:41
wouldnt mind doing that :mis:

02-09-06, 19:45
:vlol:It looks like you had real fun lol.

02-09-06, 19:45
Looks like you had fun :D unfortunately, my experiences with drunk family members were never that fun.

02-09-06, 19:47
Heck this forum pounded me when I got drunk! :hea:

02-09-06, 19:47
Your Only Young Once Dear :)

02-09-06, 19:50
True. There is still half a bottle of white rum in the cupboard but my parents would dissaprove :p

02-09-06, 19:57
My mum and nan conspire to get me drunk (because I need soooo much encouragement... :p )

I've lost count of the amount of times (and the silly things) I've seen my mum and nan do after they've had a few. Luckily, I come from a family of happy drunks who just get silly and giggle a lot when they've had a sup ;)