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02-09-06, 19:56
Now I've heard random ditherings about this kinda thing before, I'm not sure if it's inherrant to all these bloody machines but here goes.

Last night I'm in the mood for some Abe's Odysee (thanks to the thread in here) and so I go to find it and stick it on..it ain't in the case..missing! I'll find it eventually I'm sure, anyway I stick in Fear Effect instead and the sod won't play..instead I get some dodgy sound of the disc spinning, like it's scuffing the bottom of the tray or something. I give it a clean and try again..no dice. I have had a bit of bad history with this game, where I had to exchange it three times before I got a good working copy a few years back..but this copy is solid and still works on the PS One...so why won't it work on the PS2? Some kind of weird motor failure in the console or something? I've heard after a while PS2's have refused to play PS2 discs with the blue bottoms..could it be the same deal for PS One games?

Any answers/opinions will be appreciated.

da tomb raider!
02-09-06, 20:26
Yeah, the same thing happened to my The Sims disc (For PS2, obviously), and it never worked again. If the disc worked fine on your PSOne, I'd stick with playing it on that. I wouldn't advise you risk the disc.

02-09-06, 23:17
I've never had this issue, but I would buy an entirely new PS2 JUST to continue playing Final Fantasy VIII if my current one started refusing PSone games.

03-09-06, 00:00
I've heard after a while PS2's have refused to play PS2 discs with the blue bottoms..could it be the same deal for PS One games?
Any answers/opinions will be appreciated.

It's a common malfunction on most DVD based machines.
In most cases it's caused by dirt, like dust and little hairs, around the lens, so a lens cleaner won't really help.
Best is not to play CD-ROM's (like PS1 games) on your PS2, because the lens will scratch the surface.

Melonie Tomb Raider
03-09-06, 00:08
You have to take the PS2 apart and clean the lense with a q-tip and some alchohol. If that doesn't work PM me and I will give you further directions there. I've helped save many PS2s from sure destruction. :jmp:

03-09-06, 08:08
This sometimes happens to me.

Lone Raider
03-09-06, 09:37
I have the same problems. And the blue disc thingy happened to us aswell, I had bought Lego Star Wars for my youngster and it just wouldn't load, I also didn't manage to get this game as a black disc, which spoilt our christmas quite a bit.

We play PS1 games on the old PS1 now but it doesn't start unless we give the disc a hand spin before we close the lid. :(

03-09-06, 10:57
My Soul Calibur 3 won't play on PS2 anymore:( why??

03-09-06, 14:55
It'll be your DVDs next, then eventually PS2 Games will stop working and then your PS2's knackered and no amount of cleaning and tempering will bring it back... that's the state mine's at now, my dad even took it apart and cleaned it to no avail! *sniff*

in these arms
03-09-06, 14:59
You will need a PS Memory Card.

03-09-06, 20:39
it won't play some of my dvds aswell

Ward Dragon
03-09-06, 20:41
How often do PS2's break like this? Is it just standard degeneration or is it due to improperly using the machine? I'm looking into getting a PS2 when the price goes down so I'd like to know what to expect and how to avoid this if I can. Thanks :) I have a used PS1 and the disc spinner stopped working. I picked it up and a small plastic piece fell out and now it works. I'm worried that the PS1 will stop working altogether in the near future, which is why I'd want to play PS1 games on the PS2 when I get it.

03-09-06, 20:55
my ps1 still doesn't die on me, the good old machine. I love it.:D