View Full Version : How come I found San Andreas easier?

TR freak
02-09-06, 20:46
When I say that I mean for getting a high percentage. In vice city I'm currently at 49% and I'm struggling to find things in the city to get my percentage up. In San Andreas I knew what I was doing and I had loads of things to do. In San andreas I had little difficulty in getting into the 90 percentile. In san andreas it was clear where I did things to get my percentage up. In vice city its not clear for some reason. Currently in vice city I've got 29 packages, done 20 rampages, done all assets, done 100 passengers in taxi, done vigilante missions, pizza missions, done one secret helicopter checkpoint race thing. I find it difficult finding everything in vice city. In san andreas I knew all the extra stuff I had to do. I knew about trucker missions, valet parking and all them extra things I did no problem. All the taxi, police, ambulance, fire truck, pimp, burglary I did no problem. Doing all the races, new moves in gym, schools, finding all spray tags, taking over territorys, all these were pretty simple for me. San andreas has alot more stuff to do so you would think I'd find it harder. For some reason I dont. Vice city is at 49% currently. San andreas is at 92 and something percent. Does anybody else find san andreas easier than vice city for getting their percentage up or is it just me? I have never used a guide at all on either games btw. Thats why my vice city and SA percentage aren't higher.

Mad Tony
02-09-06, 20:49
I find San Andreas easier.
Probably because I play it more :p

Lara Lover
02-09-06, 21:09
I've just bought San Andreas and actually I find it quite hard. :p

Mad Tony
02-09-06, 21:13
I've just bought San Andreas and actually I find it quite hard. :p
Which parts do you find hard?
Technically, it is harder.
The cops are smarter and enemy gangs are smarter too.

02-09-06, 21:25
I actually found the gangs to be a hell of a lot easier, You didn't worry about going through their neighbourhood as much as you did in Vice, IMO them Haiti's.

TR freak
02-09-06, 22:39
The main game, the main story missions are probably harder in san andreas but its everything else extra I find easier to get my percentage up in san andreas. I agree with mitch about gangs. Those hatians really do annoy me. The ballas were pretty bad in SA but were nothing compared to hatians in VC. Also once you had taken over all the territories in SA there were no gangs left in the territory areas. Vigilante, paramedic and fire truck missions were easier in SA because you could do it in the small area of angel pine. In VC there was no small area you could do them in and so all them missions were spread out making it quite hard. Vigilante in VC are easy with the hunter tho.