View Full Version : The wrath of AoD :D

02-09-06, 22:07
I didn't know, where to put it, so I put it here... If it's the wrong section, Please move it So here's the plot:

Poor AoD got sad because they didn't do a sequel for it and after having it's revenge in TR Legend, GTA San Andreas (Well it did have on my PC) Now decided to take it's revenge on The Sims2...

Looks like AoD is IN every game:


My camera kept spinning around and when I paused the game, I got this pictuer... At least we know,that Kurtis keeps his teeth clean :whi:

02-09-06, 22:14
That fella looks like Rivendell.

Lux veritata
02-09-06, 22:26
Dude..that's creepy heh nice teeth there pal..

02-09-06, 22:32
I once experienced Lara speaking with her teeth, the side of her face was gone.

02-09-06, 22:40
That fella looks like Rivendell.

Heyy My hair's short and I shaved before :p

03-09-06, 10:59
That fella looks like Rivendell.