View Full Version : One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

03-09-06, 16:14
Had to read this book for English - very much enjoyed it so this is basically a discussion thread with me asking for a(nother) favour here, LoL.

I'll post my thoughts afterwards but for now I just need someone to help me out here and give me about 10 quotes (2 per heading but if you want to give me 10 per heading I'm not complaining :p) which are good for an analysis from the book which deal with the following issues:

Women Castrators (or Women in Power)
Freedom of Sexuality
The Fog
Imagined Size versus Real Size

I will forever be in your debt if you help me out here. I've actually been struggling for quotes for a few days now, not that they're hard to find just... one of those weeks where you're having trouble doing simple things at times.

So I'll actually just post my thoughts now cos I'm having trouble doing simple things, LoL.

I found the book to be quite boring at first to be honest. I just could not get into it. Because it was for English we got some time to read it in class and it was the only time I read it. Because I was quite uninterested in it I read it slowly but then something clicked and it was then I really started to enjoy it (which was evident in class when my mouth was open which is a sign I'm concentrating or enjoying something too much and people were commenting on me -_-).

As the time went by I didn't want to put the book down - Bromdem becoming big again, McMurphy's growing rebellion, Nurse Ratched's loss of power and all the way to their final freedom had me hooked. It was fantastic. The end had me in a bit of shock - poor Billy! I could not believe what my really nice blue eyes had just read. I felt sad. I felt shocked. Something most books don't have me doing - feeling! But it was nice that amongst all the trauma that most of the patients became able to be themselves again and they were able to finally leave without Ratched's acceptance.

And blah, blah, blah, I've ran out of vocabularly now, LoL. Happy discussing (and helping me ^_^).