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03-09-06, 19:18
Has anybody played Clock Tower 3???

I haven't, although I know alot about it from internet research and from recollections from my sister who played it last night. It's about a young girl at boarding school who is sent a letter from her mum, telling her to hide and don't come home. The girl checks up on her mother despite the warning, but finds that her mum isn't home . . . only a darkly-dressed, creepy stranger.

In the game, you are given tasks to find items that will finally put spirits to sleep. However, some spirits aren't friendly. Most of the time, you will be chased by ghosts and violent killers with hammers. You cannot fight back. You can either freeze them with your holy water for a short amount of time or hide behind curtains and other places until they give up looking for you.

The game apparently is very hard, as in almost every room of the house another killer will appear. As I said before, you can't kill them, and they will chase you from room to room until you find a place to hide, and sometimes there *aren't* any places to hide . . .

When being chased, you enter Panic Mode. A meter appears on screen and tells you how frightened your character is. The higher the meter gets, the blurrier the screen becomes and the harder it is to move. You also fall over easily.

The game was created by Capcom, the makers of Resident Evil, so it's bound to be very scary, and from what the Gamespot review says realistically and disturbingly violent.

I'm really looking forward to playing this game . . .






03-09-06, 19:42
I've played it. It's not spectacular but it's a good, tense and creepy adventure. Worth it for ten or fifteen bucks.

03-09-06, 20:21
I've played it. Good graphics and I guess its an average game. I love the boss battle though.

Tomb Raider Master
03-09-06, 20:28
My friend has it and she says it's great. I've never played it, though.