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03-09-06, 19:53
how do you load up an avatar on your pofile?


03-09-06, 19:55
you post an image you like in the "request your avatar here" thread and a mod will do it for you!!:)

03-09-06, 19:57
Here (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?t=71596)


03-09-06, 19:58
Damn you StarCroft.. Beat me too it. :(

Jacob x5
03-09-06, 19:59
Here (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/announcement.php?f=13) is everything you need to know.

03-09-06, 20:14
Is there a reason why the avatar request thread isn't a sticky? I just thought it would be easier if it was always at the top, and perhaps less people would ask how to upload an avatar.

03-09-06, 20:58
That's why the announcement is at the top Natla'd. And they still don't read it.

03-09-06, 20:59
to be honest i often miss the announcements

03-09-06, 21:39
to be honest i often miss the announcements

me too actually... The announcement... dosnt even look clickable... it looks like a part of the forum theme to me. In fact i didn't even notice it until now xD

I think for announcements we should just get PMs or something

03-09-06, 21:40
yer, i never miss a PM

03-09-06, 21:49
And some members don't even notice those. Or choose equally to ignore them.

Hm, I'm thinking of the words 'chisel' and 'forehead'. :mis:

03-09-06, 21:50
Hm, I'm thinking of the words 'chisel' and 'forehead'. :mis:

:vlol: :yik:

04-09-06, 08:41
Oho, I never noticed the announcements either. :D

But I still think sticky-ing the avatar submitting thread would be useful. Sometimes it gets pushed down to the second or third page and you have to go searching for it. Maybe you could re-name it "POST YOUR AVATAR HERE!!! ANYONE ASKING QUESTIONS ABOUT AVATARS WILL BE IMMEDIATELY BANNED!!! THIS MEANS YOU!!!" people would pay it more attention. And if you could add flashing lights, so much the better. ;)

04-09-06, 11:54
And some loud music too?

04-09-06, 11:55
And some loud music too?

Air horns or whoopee cushions certainly ;)

04-09-06, 12:13
I think we'll go for the whoopee cushion. And maybe smell-o-vision too.

04-09-06, 12:14
Is there any way you can make it so a giant fist smashes out of the thread title with "AVVY" written across it's knuckles?

04-09-06, 12:19
No, but I can arrange for some Bartoli thugs to come round and knock you about a bit. Would that help?