View Full Version : Skype you man, dont MSN me like that

03-09-06, 20:22
My Friend kept bugging me about www.skype.com (http://www.skype.com) allot and i kept reading about payment and stuff like that, now i finally installed it and saw that you dont pay for it, but you only pay when you dial your Home or Cell Number through Skype.

I use MSN, but the Voice and Video on Skype is 10 times better then MSN.

Who uses it and how do you use it, is it trustworthy.

By the way, when i use Search, i can find you, that is if you use Skype and if i know your Skype Name.

03-09-06, 20:34
I have Skype...it's weird man!:D

03-09-06, 20:43
I have it too :D

i love it :)

03-09-06, 20:46
I don't know how to use it:D

03-09-06, 20:50
Dont worry, me too :p

Im from South Africa and you guys are at the other side of the World, now i have your Skype Names and we are Calling eachother through Skype, am i/you paying like a real Phone Call while we speak..

03-09-06, 20:50
i have it but dont use it

03-09-06, 20:55
I've had skype for ages, havent used it for ages though, lol.

I only use it to have voice chats with people. Its a great program though.

03-09-06, 20:58
u only pay for real calls... not comp calls :)

03-09-06, 20:59
Thank goodness :D

Heres a good way to save those Phone Bills when your Chilldren are on the Phone for Hours, now they can Skype Call eachother for free.

03-09-06, 21:02
yep :)

03-09-06, 21:27
wait... you can call people on it xD
so i could call someone in the Uk and it wouldnt cost a dime?

03-09-06, 21:34
Just dont insert his Telephoe Number on the Telephone Pad, then it will start up as your Home Phone and you start paying.

When your Friend has Skype, right click on his Skype name in your Conact List, then click on the Start Call Tab.

The Internet Skype Phone wil ring and your Friend will click on the Phone Call Tab and you two can talk to eachother all you want.

Thats how i understand it now.

03-09-06, 21:36
oh wow hehe thanks for explaining

03-09-06, 21:42
I have it too, I just don't use it that much.

03-09-06, 22:54
my dad has it on his computer... I think he uses it a lot. I've considered downloading it, but not enough of my friends have it themselves for me to make much use of it.

03-09-06, 22:54
i have it but dont use it


04-09-06, 12:04
A Skype computer to Skype computer voice call or chat is free :). A Skype computer to either a Home Phone number or Mobile (Cell) Phone number costs in the same way an ordinary phone call costs :wve:.

But you are right, daventry, the quality of a Skype call is extremely good :tmb:

04-09-06, 12:52
I have it, it's brilliant for staying in touch, and for free no less, especially when all your friends have been flung out to the far corners of the earth.

There is a new program like skype now aswell, I forget the name, but it connects the same as skype, and then you can both talk using your phone - no charges.

04-09-06, 14:47
Never heard about it, and never used it before..Maybe I should get it..<_<