View Full Version : The simpsons hit and run

TR freak
03-09-06, 21:50
Anyone else have this? This game rules! Currently I've got 99.9% and there's just two wasp cameras I have to find. The two I need I just couldn't find so I stopped playing it. Anyone completed this 100% without help? I've got 99.9% without help. Combine GTA with the simpsons and you've got a brilliant game, and thats exactly what this is. I think they should make a second game.

God Horus
03-09-06, 21:54
I finished 100 percent. I love the destory camera mission in the power plant.

TR freak
03-09-06, 21:56
How did you manage to find them all by yourself? That must have taken hours of searching. I tried searching for hours as well but I just cant seem to find the last two. I have the same trouble searching for hidden stuff in GTA.

Tomb Raider Master
03-09-06, 22:38
I had this game, but I couldn't install it. I've played it at the friend's place and it was cool. :tmb:

03-09-06, 22:41
Its actually a really good game, I thought it was just going to be a standard average game using the Simpsons license to sell. But actually it was alot of fun and really well made. :tmb:

03-09-06, 22:47
I played it but got bored easily. Not my type of game I guess. Missions here and there,anywhere

God Horus
03-09-06, 22:54
AS I played, I found the wasps

TR freak
04-09-06, 09:21
Thats how I found the majority of them bu still alot were missing after I had done everything else. I had to search for quite a while and still two wasps eluded me. I also had to search for the gags but they were pretty easy to find. This game is brilliant and my only complaint would be its a bit too easy.

05-09-06, 06:57
Completed it 100% - :wve: