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04-09-06, 10:34
I don't think we've had this thread before, and I think it'd be interesting to know each others fave gaming moments. List as many as you can in no particular order!

Here's mine:

Super Mario Bros: Finally killing Bowser at the end!
Zelda a link to the Past: Agahnim teleporting Zelda to the Dark World
TR 1: Lost Valley, Atlantis
TR 2: Temple of Xian, Dragon's Lair
TR 3: The Hindu Statue thing in the temple
TR 4: The Temple of Horus
TR 6: The Hall of Seasons
FF7: Exploring Nibelheim Mansion, most of the Sephy parts, The final 3 bosses !
FF8: Irvine attempts to assassinate Sorceress Edea
FF9: Escaping the Ice Cavern and seeing the land above the mist, Destruction of Cleyra
Silent Hill 2: The impalement of the Pyramid Heads
FarCry: Island hopping on that little boat, paragliding over a mutant invaded island in the midst of night
Half Life 2: Entering the Tower, seeing all the hybrid guards working around you, getting the super Grav gun, The End
Elder Scrolls Morrowind: Exploring for hours on end, creating stupidly massive and powerful spells, trying to wipe out the population of Morrowind
Elder Scrolls Oblivion: Many Dark Brotherhood quests, exploring, discovering ancient ruins and the treasures within
Shadow of the Colossus: I can't pick a single part of this game that I favour over another part of it!
Micro Machines V3: The Lab, The pool table
Harry Potter 2: Fighting the Basilisk
Harry Potter 3: Flying Buckbeak over Hogwarts
KotoR 1 : The Dark Lord Revelation, Choices at the Ancient Temple, Korriban Academy
KotoR 2: Kreia's Past, the Assault of the Ravager, Trayus Academy
Resident Evil 1: Meeting the Tyrant
Resident Evil remake: Lisa, the history of the first experiments
Resident Evil 2: Claire vs Birkin, The End, the part in the Police Station
Resident Evil 3: Any parts with the Nemesis..
Resident Evil 4: in the Castle, the minecart
Zelda: Wind Waker: Summoning the Tower of the Gods, Hyrule, Treasure Hunting!
The Lord of the Rings: 3rd Age: Mines of Moria, Most other parts
Max Payne: Diving in bullet time off the top of the building at the end
Metal Gear Solid 1: Seeing that Ninja Assassin for the first time


04-09-06, 11:09
^I guess tr 7 hasn't got any great moments:rolleyes:


04-09-06, 11:13
Elder Scrolls Morrowind: Exploring for hours on end, creating stupidly massive and powerful spells, trying to wipe out the population of Morrowind

Wow, I'd love to do that. If there's one thing my Level 1 Breton Spellsword aspires to do, it's going back to Seyda Neen and obliterating every living thing there. :cln:

(I've tried killing as many civilians as possible there, but I can never get them all, let alone the guards. Some day, perhaps. :D)

04-09-06, 11:27
The Suffering: Turning into a beast
TR 1: Fighting the mutant giant boss and Natla
TR 2: Killing the dragon and then escapes from the crumbling tomb
TR 3: Killing Willard the freaky spider
TR 4: Jeep level.One of a kind!!
TR 6: Playing as Kurtis:whi:
FF9: Garnet finding out his boyfriend didn't die at last
Harry Potter 3: Playing as Hermione, LOL :vlol:
Resident Evil 3: Blasting the huge canon at Nemesis
Resident Evil 4: Leon is just great. Enough said..:o :D
Metal Gear Solid 3: The Boss fight is really unique and frustrating at the same time.
Obscura: surviving from the freaky experiments mutants :D
Sonic Heroes: Finally defeated that bloody Metal Sonic with Super Sonic
Hitman Blood Money: Assasinating VIPs have never been so much fun:D Pushing the Playboy owner down the hill...la la la:p
Prince Of Persia: Sands of Time: Defeated the stupid visier

Many more..:tea: can't remember now

04-09-06, 11:29
Lol Shark, none of my fave gaming moments in legend, no- unfortunately.

And Amper- just you wait, give it time and you'll be able to wipe out a crowd of people within seconds of casting a spell :D *Queue evil laugh*

04-09-06, 11:51
^Theres more Rivendell.I can't remember all of my games,they're all at home and I'm at my hostel:(

04-09-06, 11:55
Tomb Raider 4 A whole level on a train!
Tomb Raider 7 The forklift truck
Battlefield 1942 (+mods) Flying helicopter
Star Trek Bridge Commander Feeling like being on the bridge of a starship the whole time

There are others, but I forgot them.

04-09-06, 12:05
^yeah, how could I forget that train level,the ever same back environment repeating itself over and over again:D
but I don't like the forklift truck

04-09-06, 12:09
Crikey, I have to think about that for a minute... Hmm... In random order:

*Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis. I remember my brother and I playing it when I was very little! Fantastic pre-TR moment!

*Tomb Raider 1. Killing my first wolf! Jumping down the waterfall in level 3... Gaah... The entire game is a fantastic gaming moment. It´s stuck with me for almost ten years.

*Broken Sword. Just going all over the world and explore, great story and first game with real voice acting!
*Silent Hill 2. All of it. Shocking!

*Project Zero. The pure terror is still etched into my mind.

*Final Fantasy 7. Hm... All of it.

*Final Fantasy 8. Defeating Ultimecia on the first playthrough. I swear I used over three hours!

*Final Fantasy 9. All the cute moogles. :o

*Tenchu. Running around on the roof in a beautiful Japanese setting, jumping down right behind a guy and slitting his throat in a stylish and brutal manner! :D

04-09-06, 12:11
Let me see:

Tomb Raider - Sanctuary of the Scion: swimming into the underwater statue room. I played TR1 a few months ago, and I had completely forgotten about that room. Such a breath-taking experience.
Tomb Raider II - Tibetan Foothills: I was finally out of the dark murky depths of the oceans! I was so pleased, I even wrote a song about it. ;)
Tomb Raider III - City: looking out of Sophia Leigh's office at the view of London. I love London a hell of a lot, and especially love high-up views of the city at night.
Tomb Raider VI - Tomb of Semekhet (I think!): Playing that board game, what a brilliant idea for a video game!
Tomb Raider Chronicles - Escape With The Iris: All of it. It was so unique for a TR level, IMO.
Angel of Darkness - "If I had a coconut for every time some lunatic said something like that..."
Legend - Urm...spending my time in the mansion Alister-perving with the binoculars? Also, the background in the Tokyo/Bolivia/Nepal levels. And the nortorious ending.
The Getaway - Charlie Jolson singing 'Land of Hope and Glory'.
The Getaway: Black Monday - All of the bits with Levi in. He's so funny.
Hitman: Blood Money - The ending!
Kyrandia 2: Hand of Fate - When Zanthia finally finds the wheels. "My mystic's vision...my feminine intuition...and the sign on the door all tell me the Kyrandian wheels are somewhere in this room."
Doom II - That creepy head at the end, spewing monsters and speaking backwards. *shudders*
Duke Nukem 3D - I know it's not strictly from the game, but I played the greatest user-made level, which had this really surreal world. I remember one room had a pole in the middle and, if you kept walking around it, the room around you would change. It was amazing. Also, that was the night I first saw my favourite episode of Futurama, The Sting, and the two remind me of one another.
Tetris - Clearing the whole screen. Happened just yesterday. Oh yes. :D
Seriously, I have great memories of playing Tetris and listening to Meat Loaf's last album.

And I'm sure there are loads more Tomb Raider ones!

04-09-06, 12:26
*Final Fantasy 8. Defeating Ultimecia on the first playthrough. I swear I used over three hours!

Tell me you're kidding :cln: That took me about 2 years :o

04-09-06, 12:34
The best of the best. Ever.

KotOR: Leviathan Escape of course. I know some would consider it "embarrasing", but I have to admit I hardly ever am so shaken even in real life as I was back then.

Final Fantasy VIII: Parade Scene. I was sitting on the edge of a seat with my jaw underneath it (don't try this at home!) since the first beat of "The Stage Is Set" until Squall's fall. It's a masterpiece of direction, in the scale of gaming industry at least. It's quite amazing that even present-day games are much more flat in terms of relating plot events (KotOR included) than a 1999 game. These guys sure know how to play around with player's feelings/expectations.

Final Fantasy 8. Defeating Ultimecia on the first playthrough. I swear I used over three hours!

Three hours, same here. The hardest story boss of all FFs for me. Well, maybe because the rest of FFVIII was so blatantly easy, even though I didn't even know about the Pause Option for about half of the game :p My first attempt on Ultimecia was in fact the first time in the game when I saw "Gave Over" screen. I was actually learning how to use Limit Breaks as I was fighting her. It was a sheer luck I picked the best team for it (Squall and Zell for damage and Quistis with her White Wind and Mighty Guard as support).

04-09-06, 12:44
Spiderman 2 - swinging round the skyscrapers.
Metroid Prime - Final boss.
Zelda -Orcarina of time - playing adult Link in the future/present for the first time.
Twisted Metal 2 - Multiplayer on the Rooftops - lost many hours there. ;)
Goldeneye - finally getting all secrets. (so many cool memories single/multiplayer)
Half Life2 - using the modified grav-gun on last level - best weapon ever?
Mario64 - any part with the tortoise shell!
Res Evil 1 - Shark tank area.
N2O - Getting God ranking on high score table.
Eyetoy - Karate game.
Driver - creating chaos and trying stay alive in Survival mode, the watching the replays.
XCOM - invading to the alien homeworld
Double Dragon - beating your mate to a pulp at the end - for the girl.

Too many TR ones to mention.
(would need a new thread!! ;))

04-09-06, 13:04
Metal Gear Solid 2 - Defeating the game and watching some really sad cutscenes between it :(
Tomb Raider 4 - The last few levels and the ending.. just.. AWESOME
God of War - Fighting the Minotaur :jmp:
Final Fantasy X - Fighting Against Omega Weapon
Tomb Raider 2 - Venice And China levels.. Talk about scary moments and music :yik:
Final Fantasy VIII - Lots of the FMV's and cutscenes were just awesome to watch

04-09-06, 13:17
Silent Hill 2 - walking down the long road and seeing one of those monsters dragging a dead, bloody body.. Ugh! Loved it!

Harry Potter 3 - Definitely flying Buckbeak the Hippogriff around the castle grounds. Going over the lake felt so free! :D

TRL - Defeating the Unknown Entity and all those guards with Excalibur. Felt so powerful. :mis:

AOD - Those super jumps were amazing... And entertaining. :yah:

04-09-06, 14:42
Here are mine:

Spyro The Dragon: Finally defeating Gnasty lol.

Driver 2: Finishing the last level, tis was a tough one.

Ratchet and Clank: The Drek Boss was probably the toughest boss I have ever faced. Good challenge, and it was sweeeeeeeet to beat him!

Ratchet and Clank 2: Locked and Loaded: The final level, the Proto Pet Factory, toughest level in the game, not forgetting the giant blue fur ball at the very end, oh yea Angelia swears lmao. I did like this level.

Ratchet and Clank 3: Locating all the Sewer Crystals, there are so many green monsters. Arghh stay away, I just want the crystal, not death.

Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness: I saved my game when I was on fire in one of the levels, I was stuck there, and kept dieing, restarted the whole game. Erm, not a favorite gaming moment, but It does sound quite dramatic lol. My favorite moment after that was restarting the game, and avoiding the fire, woohoo.

Sonic Heroes: Jesus, the last level when you are on the rails, and you must watch out for the zapping on the rails, god I hate that level, but tested me big time.

04-09-06, 14:44
Tell me you're kidding :cln: That took me about 2 years :o

Noob. :p

I probably died twice times before managing to kill all her forms, and in total, the battle did last for several hours... HARD!! Made Sephiroth seem like a cute little moogle. But it certaintly was a worthy final boss! So very rewarding! Great feeling of acomplishment!

04-09-06, 14:57
Neverwinter Nights - Discovering a hacking tool and running around as a fire-breathing chicken, online. :D

04-09-06, 16:41
One's I can think of off-hand:

Silent Hill 1 - At the beginning, when you step into that narrow alley way, and it gets darker, and darker, the siren goes off...there's blood everywhere... you know something terrible is going to happen and you have no weapons. Brilliant.

The school was great too.

Resident Evil 1 - You're working your way through the manor when suddenly the game grabs the controls from you, the camera view switches and you see through the eyes of some grunting monster that's rampaging it's way towards you... Terrifying.

Ratchet and Clank - The ingenuity of nearly all the weapons in these games are huge favourites of mine. But especially, the little dog-like robots, that sniff around you looking for enemies to blow up, and go, "Ooooh, ooooh, heh heh heh heh." They always make me laugh.

Colin McCrae Rally - Holding the best race times for Australia against a friend of mine. It was an ongoing thing and only for the Australian bit. I'd get a clean sweep and then they'd have to take the title back... It was so good shaving those extra nanoseconds off already impossible to beat times and throwing the gauntlet back down...

Micromachines - Similar sort of rivalry as for the rally driving above. Excellent 2-player battles over long weekends.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 - completing the entire game. It was my first Sonic game and what hooked me onto computer games really.

(Loads of TR one's of course. Too many to list)

04-09-06, 17:25
Silent Hill 1: Encounter with Alessa in the Amusement Park, Nightmare Midwich School, Nightmare Alchemillia Hospital, the Nurses moans when they die, the sound of the cockroaches when they die, when going to the Lighthouse, the radio static, the shadows, the flashlight, the first nightmare.

Silent Hill 3: Battle with Memory Of Alessa, the opening FMV, all the cutescenes, Douglas in boxers cheat, Store Room, Nightmare Brookhaven Hospital, Battle with The God and the music, when Heather kicks the God's head, The Slurper coming by surprise from under a bed. The Underpass walls in higher difficulty levels, The walls in the Nightmare Brookhaven Hospital, the chair painting in the Nightmare Brookhaven Hospital, The Nurses moans, when Heather finds her father dead, when going outside the Apartment Block, The Engage music, the main theme music, The Slurpers moans, the darkness in most of the levels, when saving the game, the radio static, the flashlight, the comments Heather does about the garbage bin in The Underpass, when walking through the catwalk in The Uderpass, when Heather dies and Valtiel drags your body away, when the Insane Cancers starts chasing you, the puzzle of the ghost in the Subway Station, The Lightsaber, the Dance School Room, the moans of the Pendulums, the Haunted Mansion, when Danny falls from the ceiling and the scream, when revisiting the same places of SH with fantastic graphics, the Nightmare Closers and his arm swing, when crushing the head of the monsters when they fall to the ground, using the Steel Pipe, the sound track of this one. the sound when you take items to your inventory, the sound when clicking New Game on the PS2 version.

TR:AOD: "The Chase" FMV, When entering the levels:The Bio - Research Facility and Hall Of Seasons, the long jump, The Louvre Storm Drains music. AOD Lara comments. When AOD Lara wear her black glasses in the cutescenes. When AOD Lara speaks in the cutescenes.

04-09-06, 17:49
But, what memory you have!

I was very impressed by the quality in graphs of “half life -2” .
And my computer is average

04-09-06, 17:58
When I first started up Dreamfall. The opening scene was so beautiful, and I already then knew that I had a magic gaming experience in front of me. Maybe the best game I have ever played.

04-09-06, 19:11
Playing TR3 for the first time and being amazed at how real it looked!

06-09-06, 10:13
Space Harrier

My favorite game of the 80's

Tomb Raider

the nostalgia of nearly the whole game, the T-rex

Tomb Raider 2

the chase on the snowmobiles

Silent Hill 3

How lifelike Heather and the backgrounds are, VERY creepy game.

Project Eden

the exploration and distant echoing sound effects (one of my favorite games)


all those comical moments, like when Redmond is talking about finally leaving Genron, fully expecting to get out and then finding himself and Spanx in the Security region full of cops - then he lets out a prolonged scream.

Metal Gear 3

one funny moment was when I was hiding under a building and placed a C4 next to a girly book, a guard came over to look at the book and said "this must be my lucky day" - right before I blew him up.

Ratchet and Clank

anticipating on what the "Rip ya a New One" (RYNO) actually was - I first assumed that the gun would "booah" out a rhyno which would turn around and "rip a new one" (break wind) and cause a nuclear like explosion.


liked the way that you and Rio could talk to each other (although somewhat limited).

Shadow of Destiny

very immersive story

Legend of Lara
06-09-06, 18:15
The Simpsons: Hit & Run
Playing as Homer on his underpants!

Sonic Heroes
FINALLY defeating Egg Emperor! (as teams Rose and Chaotix)

Shadow the Hedgehog
Firing the Satellite Laser! The destruction!!! :mis:

Sonic Riders
Beating the final mission! (Babylon Guardian boss battle)

Sonic the Hedgehog
Green Hill Zone. 'Nuff said!

Viewtiful Joe: Red Hot Rumble
Defeating Les Acteurs Incroyable while playing as Coordinator Sprocket! Unlocking all 21 characters! Listening to Spirit Awake! Just! Plain! Playing! This! Awesome! Game!

Mario Kart Double Dash
Playing as Yoshi & Bowser and beating Mario & Luigi by a long shot! :ohn:

There are tons others. :D

07-09-06, 01:23
Destroy all Humans: Getting to make cows do the chicken dance.
MGS3: The End boss fight and all of the cinematics were amazing.
TR2: The very first time in the spider pit was unforgettable.
Harry Potter Quidditch Cup: It's just so much fun.