View Full Version : Me vs. mate - NHL 2K Stanley Cup Final Game 7

04-09-06, 14:32

Some Stanley Cup madness for ya! And the season hasn't even started yet :P
This is a video of me and my mate playing NHL 2K on Dreamcast, the last, 7th Stanley Cup Final. Recorded in New Years Day, 2002. We figured that we would do more goals against a computer goalie than a manual goalie (the game's AI totally blows), so we decided to play with the goalies too throughout the finals. And yes, its us speaking there. Sorry for all the Finnish viewers for our, erm, how to put it, colorful use of language :D I'm playing with the Red Wings.

Captain Mazda
04-09-06, 14:45
Haha, good stuff!

Ei pari "perkeletta" ketaan satuta :P

04-09-06, 15:16
Haha, totta turiset :D