View Full Version : How old will you be when you retire from work?

04-09-06, 17:17
An article in a paper reminded me to search for this:


I think it's fantastic that people can be that motivated.

04-09-06, 17:20
I'd like to work as long as possible, my grandparents retired kind of early and a few of them are really lazy now.. I don't want to end up like that. :p But I guess having a real job is tiring, I guess I'd want to retire around 65-70ish.

But maybe earlier, so I can travel.

Tomb Raider Master
04-09-06, 17:21
I have absolutely no idea. :pi: :p

04-09-06, 17:22
i would like to work till im about 70, if possible and if i'm still alive. i don't think i could work until im 97! i'd be a cripple.

04-09-06, 17:24
If I'm in good health I'd love to keep active whether I'm working or have a physically demanding hobby.

People think it's terrible that in Britain because of the government it may mean that some people may have to work past the age of retirement but come to think of it a neighbour of mine is 88, he's retired but he's always seeing to his garden, cleaning his car, seeing to his allotment, etc. I look at myself in work and all I do is sit behind a desk all day, my elderly neighbour is more active than my young self!

04-09-06, 17:26
God willing i hope i can work to around 60 IMO this is a good age to retire :)

04-09-06, 17:27
depends on if i still like my job when im 60 odd, if yes i'll continue doing it but not for ever, iom sure my family would want me round instead of work, and i'd wanna live a piece of the laid back life

04-09-06, 17:58
I would like to be able to retire when I'm around the age of 60. Actually unless I can find a career I enjoy, I wouldn't mind just being rich, and being able to retire now at age 18! :p

04-09-06, 18:03
40. but i dont want to live past 40. so maybe 38. then i can have 2 years off.

04-09-06, 18:51
I have absolutely no idea. :pi: :p
I agree with TRM.:D

04-09-06, 18:53
I wanna work till as long as I can :) If I have a passion for what I'll do then I dont think I'd want to retire early.

04-09-06, 18:59
I'll work 'till a rich, good-looking, intelligent guy marries me :p After that we'll live happily after all... :D:p

04-09-06, 19:04
About 40 I hope :p

04-09-06, 19:05
When i get lazy, and think **** it all.

04-09-06, 19:46
When I am 50 I will hopefully have earned enough on stocks, so I can move to Caribia and spend the rest of my days in the sun^_^

04-09-06, 23:10
well hopefully my wrestling training will pay off and i will get a contract for a wrestling company. so i will probs retire when my body is knacked lol

Melonie Tomb Raider
04-09-06, 23:28
I'm unsure really. It depends on many different decisions I make. If I get married and have children, I will stay at home and take care of my family; however, if I don't have a family I'll work for a very, very long time. So I guess I'll wait and see what happens. :p