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04-09-06, 19:57
Just bought this game for a bargain price of 5. I've fancied it for what seems like years but never got around to getting it before. I love survival horror games.

Anyone got Forbidden Siren? Any good? I probably won't get time to start it until the weekend. lol

04-09-06, 20:33
Ive played it before and it is a very scary game. Reviewers gave this very good scores :tmb:

04-09-06, 20:43
Very very scary, makes Silent Hill a comedy :cln:
Graphically very strong, and it's not easy.
Highly recommended if you like real surviving in the horror.
Superb and innovative gameplay too, the 'sight seeing' ability is truly amazing. Play the game now!

04-09-06, 22:14
I´ve played the demo, but the cockney accents reeeeally didn´t make it believable for me. It was horrible!!! With a Japanese game, I would prefer Japanese voices with subs. American voices aren´t much better, but the voices in this game was bad.

I love British accents, but in a Japanese horror game? NO!

16-09-06, 07:46
I post this time having actually played the game. I must say, I love it! :tmb: The only other game to creep me out as much as this was the original Silent Hill about six years ago.

I've played about seven missions so far and I just love the stealth gameplay, the link navigation 'plot', and the sightjacking. It's very original and very well made.

16-09-06, 08:28
I read the reviews for this game and it looked scarey on the official website. It looked really good, unfortunately it won't be realeased for Australia :(

Good to hear that you are enjoying it, especially at a bargain price :tmb:

16-09-06, 08:55
That really sucks that you guys don't get some games :mad:

16-09-06, 09:33
That really sucks that you guys don't get some games :mad:

It's better now.....but I swear Australia is like on another planet sometimes :hea: