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04-09-06, 23:41
Resident Evil 2: The final boss of Scenerio B. Back up against the door, equip the machine gun and hold down R1 and X. You win without getting hit and it only sucks up about 40% of the ammo. What's said is that this applies to Hard mode too.

Jade Emipre: Death's Hand. Everyone talks about him he the worst thing ever and he's evil incarnate or whatever. I beat him without getting hit.

Legend of Lara
04-09-06, 23:45
Shadow the Hedgehog- Egg Dealer:
They say he's pretty hard, but I beat him no problem!

Tekken 5- Devil Jin:
Useless attacks and a predictable pattern. Boooooriiiiiing!

04-09-06, 23:48
SwKotoR 2: Darth Nihilus. So much potential... takes so little to kill him.

legend: Amanda, again- potential, too easy.

SH2: the wife. Didn't really do anything, just floated around...

Lego Star Wars: Anakin/ObiWan. Not really that hard.

TR4: Seth. Even though I *love* this game and the final parts, I wish we'd actually got to fight Seth. So he's a God - we can't kill him.. but we could try and at least have some effect on him!

04-09-06, 23:50
Amanda Trl... I was expecting some great battle between two old pals, Was not that good though. :(

04-09-06, 23:52
KOTOR2- Agreed that Nihilus battle stinks

TRL James Rutland- Too easy...I was thinking it would actually be hard because he's a military trained man.

05-09-06, 00:04
TR:AOD - Eckhardt

It was just a walk in the park, easier than Amanda in TRL i think.

05-09-06, 02:41
Every boss in TRL. :rolleyes:

05-09-06, 05:59
Amanda in TR Legend. I was expecting more dramatic, monstrocity demon but then again..:(

05-09-06, 10:18
Every boss in TRL but the snake in England.
Baal in Diablo II: LOD

05-09-06, 10:50

Sonic 3: Launch Zone Act 2 Boss: This boss was sooooo easy. Come on, Giant Black Snooker Balls lol.

Spyro The Dragon: Gnasty Level Boss: It was kind of over within a few minutes, you only need to hit him twice or three times lol.

05-09-06, 11:11
Eckhardt definitely. He slaughtered half the other characters in the game...and then it turned out you could beat him lying down. Bleh.

05-09-06, 13:08
There seems to exist an unofficial rule that the final battle must always be disappointing. There are exceptions, but these days it's already good if the final boss is challenging at all.

Mad Tony
05-09-06, 15:56
Every boss in TRL but the snake in England.
You said it! ;)
Every boss in TRL was easy, except that annoying snake.
She wouldn't grapple on the last lever!

MGS3 - The Sorrow.
Being a medium and and all and being able to do tons of cool things, rather dissapointing.
All you do is walk down a never ending river and die and then take the revival pill.

MGS3 - The Fury.
This dude's got a massive flamethrower and and jetpack but all the have to do is lay down at the end of a corridor and shoot him with a shotgun when he walks past.
And he doesn't even know where you are when you shoot him.
He just runs off and walks straight past your trap again until you kill him.

MGS2 - Vamp.
He looks so difficult to defeat in the cutscenes.
But he's not.
You just have to launch a few stinger missiles at him and he's dead!

05-09-06, 19:37
The God - Silent Hill 1.

Mother Alessa - Silent Hill 1.

The Moth - Silent Hill 1.


05-09-06, 20:16
'The Despair' in Devil May Cry 2..weakest. final. boss. ever!

Mad Tony
05-09-06, 20:30
Is it me, but final boss battles always seem to be a lot easier than the second to last boss battle or something?
On Final Fantasy IX Necron (the last boss) IMO, is a lot easier than Trance Kuja and Deathguise (the two bosses before him).

05-09-06, 20:35
FFX - Yu Yevon.
FFX-2 - Vegnagun [isn't that what it was called?]. I mean come on, that was just crappy.

Lara's Boy
05-09-06, 20:35
TRL: Amanda and Rutland. Hell, even Takamoto...they were just so easy and so predictable....hated it.

05-09-06, 20:52
Pretty much all of the bosses in Legend, because they were too easy. I liked their general characters and looks and everything, but they were so wimpy! Even the snake in England.. He was really easy for me.

I can't really think of any others at the moment..

05-09-06, 21:25
lol this thread has become Legend boss bashing thread:D

05-09-06, 21:39
On Final Fantasy IX Necron (the last boss) IMO, is a lot easier than Trance Kuja and Deathguise (the two bosses before him).

I forgot about Necron! He was really easy. And I thought he was very random for a final boss- you don't hear anything about him until you're face to face with him :( Not something I like in a Villain if I'm watching the story.