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05-09-06, 17:05
The UK version is good yeah but it dosen't have TV Shows! We better get films! Why is it that the UK always gets things last. I'm sick of it, anyone else think this?

Mad Tony
05-09-06, 18:21
Yep. It does.
Mainly because Apple is an American company and America is far bigger than the UK.

It's also one of the many reasons why i'm gonna move to America.

05-09-06, 18:23
You're complaining? We don't even have iTunes here; we're still stuck with old-fashioned CDs... :(
Just so you know... :p

05-09-06, 18:25
Yeah, i'm so mad that Channel 4 had the rights to air LOST the same time as LOST was aired in America.

Thier amount of viewers are falling because UK people can just download episodes aired in america, and they know it.


05-09-06, 18:34
HAHA pfft spoilt America :D thats why i wanna live there hehe