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05-09-06, 22:28
Easy for them to say all of this...

Can Your Job Make You Sick?

What makes a job stressful?

Try not to get worked up on the job: New research suggests that work-related stress can be as harmful as smoking.

In a study published in the British Medical Journal, Harvard University researcher Yawen Chang, Ph.D., surveyed more than 21,000 women and found that those with the most demanding jobs, little control over their work environment, and lack of support from coworkers and supervisors were more likely to suffer from stress than those more content with their jobs. They also found that women suffered physical effects: Symptoms ranged from anxiety to difficulty performing daily tasks like climbing stairs.

But in a new twist on an old issue, researchers don't suggest behavioral changes for alleviating on-the-job stress. Instead, they recommend that employees alter their work conditions -- by reducing workload, increasing control over their work environment and seeking more social support.

In a related study, Tesfaye Belay, Ph.D., a microbiology researcher at Atlanta's Morehouse School of Medicine, confirmed that stress can make you physically sick. In lab studies, Belay mixed bacteria with the stress hormones epinephrine and nor-epinephrine and found that increasing the hormones' quantities caused the growth of certain bacteria -- some of which can lead to health problems like pneumonia. In light of his findings, presented at an American Society for Microbiology meeting, Belay said that "if [people] take measures to help themselves relax, the risk of contracting an infection will probably be reduced."

Source: http://health.msn.com/general/articlepage.aspx?cp-documentid=100108062

05-09-06, 23:01
Can Your Job Make You Sick?

Yes, if you let it. My job requires a reasonably high level of expectation. If I make mistakes at best I end up in court or paying restitution. At worst is the potential for someone dying. I know that probably sounds melodramatic but they are possible boundaries. That leads to stress. This is what kills people. DONT TAKE THE JOB HOME is the best advice I can give. Tell people to call 1800 – Bite me after hours.

On another level there are people that work in dangerous areas or with dangerous goods (ie asbestos) But these risks speak for themselves

05-09-06, 23:02
I have to go see a doctor for my new job contract. I looked at the paper I am to take to the doc and it said that people who work nights have a higher risk of getting sick. So yeah, I guess my work can make me sick :p

05-09-06, 23:03
Yes, it sure can. And so can school.

05-09-06, 23:04
That reminds me Al, last Friday in Finland a girl died in the middle of a class at school. Just died. See how dangerous school is?! :eek:

05-09-06, 23:10
That reminds me Al, last Friday in Finland a girl died in the middle of a class at school. Just died. See how dangerous school is?! :eek:

Oh my gosh, how?! Was she sick with some kind of disease or did she have an accdident? That's terrible.

05-09-06, 23:12
They didn't know yet, I read it in today's paper. I mean yesterday's. I mean Tuesday's [It's Wednesday morning, 2 AM here :D].

06-09-06, 06:26
Yep. I had a nervous breakdown due to work in my early 20's, so I know how sick work can make you first hand.

06-09-06, 06:57
I sure do hate my job it's starting to take half my soul away, but you never know whats around the corner :D

06-09-06, 07:15

A year ago I resigned my old job (once I found sth better) because of the extreme stress and insecurity upom me.

It was like being inside ''The bold and the beautiful'', some many indrigues and fishy deals under the table. I didn't know what I would deal with tha next morning. I hadn't slept well for months.

Thank God, all these belong in the past

06-09-06, 08:02
My job can make me sick if I have nothing to do at the office or am to move to remote installation while raining cats'n'dogs :(

06-09-06, 12:06
i suppose a job can make you sick. depending what it is of course. i think when ppl who work in retail say that the job is making them sick is just a lie because working in retail doesnt take that much effort lol. i think wit me though my sorta job which is wrestling sometimes makes me sick but thats only because im beating myself up lol

06-09-06, 12:32
Can Your Job Make You Sick?
No. Not really:D

06-09-06, 13:31
Yep. I had a nervous breakdown due to work in my early 20's, so I know how sick work can make you first hand.
Both of my parents are former teachers who were forced to quit because of stress-related illness. Hardly any of the teachers I had at my old school are still there. Teaching in the UK has got to be one of the worst-stressed jobs around.

People may think it's great, cushy job; loads of holidays etc etc....but let them try and stick with it for three months straight and see how easy it is :hea:

But speaking generally, the question 'can your job make you sick?' is a resounding YES!

06-09-06, 13:32
Can Your Job Make You Sick?

No:) I love what I'm doing for the moment:)

06-09-06, 13:35
my job is easy!!:)

06-09-06, 14:06
School makes me sick occasionally.

06-09-06, 18:48
yes work can make you sick. My partner nearly had a heart attack due to stress from his job. Bosses can impose ridiculous pressures on people that they are unable to control. Even two days after he was released from hospital his boss was ringing him up and demanded he get stuff done!

Ive also known a few teachers get badly stressed and be forced to leave. The abuse and behaviour some of them have to put up with is ridiculous!