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05-09-06, 22:34
How To Be An Expert

A quick guide to being an expert on anything.

Want to be an expert? It takes more than knowledge, although knowledge is an important part of it.

As an expert, you must develop a knowledge base, contends James Shanteau, professor of psychology at Kansas State University. Yes, experts must be experienced and educated in their field -- continually. "To be an expert you have to know a lot," Shanteau says. "It's a lifelong commitment. You have to keep studying -- you don't stop."

Here are some other things Shanteau has found that you need:

Ability to apply knowledge. Experts must be able to use their knowledge and apply it appropriately to whatever situation they may encounter.

"At one point, I might have thought that knowledge was all you needed to be an expert," Shanteau said. "But we have plenty of studies of individuals who have high knowledge but who don't have the ability to apply that knowledge."

Ability to make the right choices. Once an expert has figured out the right knowledge to apply, one must be able to make the right choices. It's not a matter of simply picking options. Rather, an expert is someone who is able to define the options.

"The choice is being able to identify the right path and the right decision," Shanteau said. "An expert might present an opportunity and say, 'Here is the problem and this is a way we can approach it.'"

Source: http://health.msn.com/menshealth/articlepage.aspx?cp-documentid=100108068

05-09-06, 22:42
Application of knowledge. I suppose that is better than bluffing.

05-09-06, 22:49
If in doubt, make it up. http://bestsmileys.com/lol/10.gif If you sound convincing (and people don't know the answer) you will be believed - in the short term. Remember "the world is flat"

06-09-06, 15:29
im tired of hearing the word "expert".


...experts of what?

I heard someone talk about the difference between a professional and an expert, and how you should always trust the opinions of the professional over the expert, because the professional is actually being paid to do what they do, while an expert is not. Or something like that.

Im just tired of the word "expert"

06-09-06, 17:24
I agree dbot :ohn: "Expert" is a term that is tossed about far too often, especially in news programs.

One of these days we'll probably be watching an expert on experts :rolleyes:

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absolutely pointless thread!!:p