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05-09-06, 23:21
What gaming soundtracks constantly play in your head? :)

Ocarina Of Time - Lost woods theme
Ocarina Of Time - Temple of Time theme
Ocarina Of Time - Minuet of Woods
Sonic 1 - Starlight Zone theme
Sonic 2 - Mystic Cave theme
Sonic Adventure - Mystic Ruins theme
TRC - Gallows Tree theme
Banjo Kazooie - Click Clock Wood Winter theme

05-09-06, 23:24
Zelda: Hyrule overture
FF7: Difficult standing on two feet
FF7: One winged angel
FF8: Don't be afraid
FF9: Feel my blade - one of my fave tracks
Mario themes
TR1 theme


06-09-06, 00:07
TR 1 theme.
Eyes on me from FF8.
Room of Angel from Silent Hill 4.

Hmm... I´m certain there must be plenty more... I can´t remember anyone at the moment!

06-09-06, 00:40
TR3 and TR5 classic theme song versions

Kotor1 that music from the apartment room on the first planet, when you meet Carth. I dunno why, but it sticks out in my head.

Mario Theme Song!

06-09-06, 00:56
The Legend theme plays in my head all the time.. I can't get enough of it. Also, most of the LOTR music. It's all really well-composed too.

06-09-06, 01:11
" Hell's Whisper " from " Disgaea " seems to always be stuck in my head :) such a pretty tune

06-09-06, 03:01
TR II main menu music:)

06-09-06, 04:13
TR1 theme music
TR4 jeep race music
Sonic 3 theme
Sonic adventure(Sonic,Tails,Amy and Chao Garden theme)
Sonic Rider theme
One Piece theme(kokorono-chizu by Boystyle)
Aod's Dance of the Lux Veritatis
TRL theme(I have to admit it :o)
Soul Calibur 3 music

Mad Tony
06-09-06, 06:35
Metal Gear Solid - Duel
Metal Gear Solid 2 - Alert Music
TR3 theme tune
TR2 theme tune

Dante Croft
06-09-06, 09:37
Metal gear solid 2 - sons of liberty theme
TRL - Legend theme song

06-09-06, 09:39
Spyro The Dragon 1,2,3 Music, Sonic music, Ratchet and Clank music lol.

06-09-06, 11:27
Final Fantasy 9 Battle & Boss music
FF7 Boss music & Jenova & One Winged Angel
FF10 - Silence before the Storm, Boss Fight, Challenge
FF10-2 - 1000 Words (Yuna's song)

06-09-06, 11:46
Tomb Raider 1 theme
Metal Gear Solid 2 theme
Final Fantasy VII & Advent children - One winged angel
Final Fantasy X - The first cgi fmv with the heavy music and Zanarkand
Tomb Raider Legend main menu theme :hea:

06-09-06, 13:29
Dreamfall - Be With You
Fahrenheit - Main Theme

06-09-06, 13:34
You're Not Here - SH3 SoundTrack. :cln:

Leon xXx
06-09-06, 14:38
Metal gear solid 1,2,3 - main and ending theme
Hitman blood money - main theme
God of war - Main theme

06-09-06, 14:44
Tomb Raider II - Venice Violins. I tend to hum it a lot. ;)

I also like pointing at people and suddenly bursting into the Tibetan Lawnmower Theme. It surprises them.

06-09-06, 16:00
The Tomb Raider music gets into my head quite a lot - I was humming it at lunch time today :)

Legend of Lara
06-09-06, 17:15
Metal Gear Solid 3- Snake Eater theme
Shadow the Hedgehog- I Am (All of Me)
Sonic Adventure 2- Fly In the Freedom
Dragon Quest- Battle
Red Hot Rumble- Spirit Awake
Tomb Raider: AOD- Le Serpent Rouge
Simpsons Hit & Run- Hit & Run
Me & My Katamari- Moon & the Prince
Sly- Main Theme

06-09-06, 17:24
Tomb Raider: AOD- Le Serpent Rouge

That song is fantastic.:)

06-09-06, 18:27
Tetris :hea:
Silent Hill - the intro music (love it)
All kinds of Tomb Raider tunes

Mad Tony
06-09-06, 18:30
Metal Gear Solid 3- Snake Eater theme

I have that in my head a lot now aswell.
It's awesome! :D

06-09-06, 21:28
All the melodic soundtracks from Deus Ex are now permanently stored in my memory. :cln: I found them really good to do homework while listening to because they sound good and they're catchy but not distracting.

*starts whistling the main menu theme under her breath.* http://img85.imageshack.us/img85/6018/niceru8.gif

06-09-06, 23:31
Any TR:Legend theme
Main theme of Guild Wars: Factions
Any Morrowind or Oblivion music
Main theme of TR:AOD
Diablo 1: Tristam theme
Final Fantasy 5 battle victory theme :)
Final Fantasy 6 map/Terra theme :)
Civilization 1 American theme

07-09-06, 00:00
Forgot about the Silent Hill music... It rocks! :tmb:

07-09-06, 01:21
Doom 3 - Intro Music
Sin Episodes - Menu Music
Outrun 2 - Night ????
Shenmue - Theme

07-09-06, 09:22
Ratchet and Clank (music on second stage)
Space Harrier music
Gyrus music
Cyberspeed music
Haven (the music played when you ride the monorail shooting those "junebug" things)
Tomb Raider theme song

07-09-06, 10:51
Final Fantasy VII - Battle Theme
Final Fanasy X - Battle Theme
Tomb Raider - Theme

07-09-06, 20:15
Final Fanasy X - Battle Theme and main theme
Tomb Raider - Theme
Silent Hill 4-room of angel
Silent Hill 3-main theme,letter from the lost days,end of small sanctuary,memory of the waters
TR2-the skidoo

08-09-06, 06:24
Final Fantasy 8, 9, 10 :)

da tomb raider!
08-09-06, 14:58
Death by Degrees- Guiding Lucas, Danger #1, Danger #2. Ewww....

10-09-06, 03:14
Dreamfall - I loved all the music so much I had to buy both soundtracks.
TR: Legend
The music from Revenge of the Sith was the only thing I liked in the game; pity I paid full price for it too. :(

20-09-06, 08:35
Final Fantasy 7: Prelude
" " 7: Sandy Badlands
ICO : Heal
ICO : Continue?
Ocarina of Time: Hyrule Field Music

AND many many more!

21-09-06, 04:07
Love is the feeling: from Lips 106 :GTALCS

Get Down: From lips 106 :GTALCS

Tomb Raider themes ***all***

Tina Armstrong Theme?: Your under my control version 00- dead or alive 2 Hardcore English version?

Ghana-Legends TR!!!

thats all in the moment..

OH OH I LOVE passing breeze in outrun coast 2 coast all versions!!!!!!



well not really...

and unreal tourney 99 theme...