View Full Version : Nip/Tuck

06-09-06, 00:52
Anyone watching the season premiere tonight? I'm sure it's already on in other places of the world, but it's coming in an hour here. :p

06-09-06, 01:49
I've only seen one episode of that show, and it was really interesting, but the only TV drama I seem to have time to invest in is 'Lost', so Iíll just stick with that. ;) :p

06-09-06, 01:59
I watched a few episodes of the first series and couldn't get into it. Then it came on at the same time as other things.

06-09-06, 02:14
Two of my friends are crazy about this show, but I never really got into it...

06-09-06, 15:12
I loved it but it was short. Yay for new episodes! :D

06-09-06, 15:14
I think that I have never heard about it..But maybe try to remind me.:D

06-09-06, 15:15
i love this show aswell, but it hasnt been shown over here for a while.