View Full Version : Rayman 3 rules!

TR freak
06-09-06, 15:44
I just got rayman 3 and I love it! Its brilliant. Better than rayman 1 and 2 from what I've seen so far. It has some pretty cool bonus mini games in it too. I've unlocked two of them so far, a 2D game and a tennis game. The background from the 2D game reminds me of Rayman 1.

Lara Croft!
06-09-06, 15:51
I played Rayman (I'm pretty sure it was III),when I had the Nokia N-Gage!It was a cool game!It was so addictive!I had to charge my mobile battery twice a day while I was at it!

06-09-06, 15:54
omg i love rayman!!! i always used to play them... then my brother took over the PS :(

06-09-06, 16:30
Yes, Rayman RULES! I can't wait for Rayman 4!

06-09-06, 16:32
Rayman 3 is good, but not as good in Rayman 2 imho. Too much fighting and not enough time to spend exploring. Still a great game though, and pretty graphics! :D

TR freak
06-09-06, 18:16
Well from the little I've played so far its better than rayman 2. I cant really make a proper judgement until I've played rayman 3 more tho. If its anywhere near as good as rayman 2 its a masterpiece.

06-09-06, 18:17
Rayman 3 is ok, but Rayman 2 was way better imo

I didnt like rayman 1 :p

TR freak
06-09-06, 18:19
Rayman 1 was brilliant. One of the best 2D platformers ever! It was my second PS1 game. Quite challenging and I loved it.

06-09-06, 18:21
I didnt like it, its annoying,confusing, and hard :p

I loved Rayman 2 though :D

I have Rayman revolutions too, Its basically Rayman 2 for the PS2.

TR freak
06-09-06, 18:25
I like it. You build up your powers as you progressed. You couldn't even punch or grab at the start. When I first played rayman 2 I was like "Wow you can already use your hair as a helicopter, you couldn't do that in rayman 1 until alot later on". I like the fact in rayman 1 as you build up powers you can return to previous levels to get to previously inaccessable areas to punch more cages. Its quite a long game and has alot of replay value.