View Full Version : the 13ft trampoline!

07-09-06, 11:52
anyone got one of those massive trampolines for their back garden? i do its so much fun!! and we got a 15ft pool too so we launch from the trampoline to the pool :D

hey we could charge admission to the locals... if they dont mind swimming amidst our dogs too - as they also join in the fun lol

07-09-06, 11:55
Omg..Lucky you.:rolleyes:

(no, I don't have one..:()

07-09-06, 11:58

I'm scared of trampolines, lol. Always end up falling off 'em. :rolleyes:

07-09-06, 12:01
There's an incredible trend of trampolines in Finland currently. They're just everywhere. A few years ago no one had one.

07-09-06, 12:02
yeah thats true, there is a trend. we always wanted one, but never had a big enough garden for it. now we have a whole field!

07-09-06, 12:22
Oooh, I'd love a trampoline. :D Our back yard's the size of postage stamp though, so no luck. :o

07-09-06, 16:27
we have one (much smaller about 8ft) and i used to use it constantly, but i cant now, as one of the springs has stretched and is going to fly off when i get on it.Im sooooo sad.

07-09-06, 16:36
I love trampolines!! but for some odd reason they give me headaches