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TR freak
07-09-06, 19:02
My first GTA was vice city, my second was san andreas. Just today I got GTA 3 because I'd never played it before. Because Vice city and San Andreas are far superior to GTA 3 it makes GTA 3 look terrible. I know its a good game but I cant help but think "this is crap compared to other GTAs". There's no ingame map, controls dont feel as fluid, its too dark, main character doesn't even talk, aiming riticule is a huge square. I could keep going for quite a while in this list. Does anyone else have this problem when playing an inferior game after previosuly played superior ones of the same series?

07-09-06, 19:20
Oh, yes, indeed I have...

*points to Legend forum* ;)

07-09-06, 19:22
Well playing AOD after TRLR was quite disappointing...

07-09-06, 19:25
Well playing AOD after TRLR was quite disappointing...

Yep, I'd agree with that!

I suppose I spoilt myself - I played TR1 - 4 in preparation for Legend... boy, was I disappointed!

TR freak
07-09-06, 19:26
Well playing AOD after TRLR was quite disappointing...

I'd say chronicles was more disappointing with that example. AOD I saw as a relief with the improvement upon TRC. If I'd played AOD straight after TR4 then it would be same for me too. The legend example is the most obvious example possible.

07-09-06, 19:26
Playing Pokémon Colosseum or XD after playing the GameBoy games. I like Colosseum and XD but they are way inferior to the GameBoy games IMO.

07-09-06, 19:34
I'd say chronicles was more disappointing with that example.
Probably, but you see I didn't play the TR games in the expected order. I started with TR2 or TR3 (can't remember), then played TR1. Then I played TRC. I had already played the gold expansions meanwhile. All this time I couldn't play TRLR, because I could never get it to run on my PC. So by the time that I found a solution to this problem, I had already played all TRs but TRLR, and thus TRLR was the last game of the series that I played before playing AOD.

07-09-06, 19:36
No. Each game is special.

Mad Tony
07-09-06, 19:38
I already played MGS1 before MGS2: Substance.
But I didn't play MGS games for ages.
But then I played MGS2:Substance loads, and then I played MGS1.
And God I missed shooting in first person view!

07-09-06, 19:42
Usually, I miss extra content from older games. For example, Hitman: SA had less to do than Hitman: BM, so I got bored quickly. And I miss motorbikes and the ability to beat people up in The Getaway after playing The Getaway Black Monday.

07-09-06, 19:47
I have to say that playing Neverwinter Nights after playing Baldur's Gate for so long was a bit disappointing... although the graphics were much better in NWN, the fact that you could only have one henchman (after having a party of 6 (5 NPCs and you) in BG) and that you couldn't access their inventory, change their equipment or direct how they progressed was really irritating... that and the complete lack of inter-party banter, romances, NPC reactions... they kind of got it back with Hordes of the Underdark, and (allegedly) Obsidian are bringing it all back for NWN2.

07-09-06, 20:08
Playing Far Cry Instincts after playing the original Far Cry. The original was great but I found Instincts to be less so. It may be that the original was on the PC whereas the follow-up was on the X-box

08-09-06, 08:24
For me, it was when playing Tomb Raider 1 after I had known the other classic Tomb Raiders for years. I still like the game, but the simpler graphics and all the moves that I was accustomed to that I now could not do were sometimes quite annoying.

08-09-06, 10:03
for me it was the other way. Try playing ffx-2 and then ffx or ffviii for an example and youl notice that the previous ones were way more better than ffx-2

but it was a bit dissapointing play aod after legend.. cause I got used to smooth and sensitive controls..

08-09-06, 10:11
legend - needs no explanation.

TR5 - It was too short, and I wanted a proper adventure!

FFx-2 - Hooo boy, this wasn't a patch on the games before it!

Harry Potter 4 - too much of a kids game. (ok, the others were too, but they were a lot more free and exciting! )

08-09-06, 10:34
Legend - obvious
TR 5 - too short
Mario sunshine - lacked the simplicity of Mario64
Castlevania64 - ugh
Ultimate Spiderman - no where near as good as 2
GTA London - too short

10-09-06, 18:07
I was disapointed by Half Life 2... liked more first Half Life... HL2 made me feel like an ordinary soldier... though putting the team in first line and seeing them die was fun..

12-09-06, 07:45
TR Chronicles. I bought the game. But boy was I dissapointed... No game story that the player could affect. Improper changes of difficulty, using an already outdated engine... Do I need to go on?
Dune 2. After what Dune 1 showed, Dune 2 was just a partial rip off. Not to speak of Dune 2000.
Prince of Persia: Warrior Within. Nothing compared to those two around, and esspecially to the old classics (Which are in my opinion the best Princes of Persia till today)
Settlers 3. Settlers 2 were a great game, but Settlers 3 twisted it into something totally different.
Call To Power 2: Nothing more than a patch that costed way too much of money.

Legend of Lara
12-09-06, 15:32
Shadow the Hedgehog after Sonic Heroes-
So much slowdown!!! And while Heroes was long, Shadow was short and full of bugs!
TR Legend after Classic TRs-
Doesn't need explaining.
Crash and the Wrath of Cortex after Crash Bandicoot III-
CBIII was so fluid and fux. Loads of things to do and never got boring. WoC was slow, scruffy and boring.

13-09-06, 08:16
AOD. I try to pretend that never happened... I played TR4 then TR2 then TR3 then TR5 then TR1. I was dissapointed with TR5 (Chronicles) but I the level editor and promise of a "next-gen game" held me over. Then I played AOD. I've rarely hated game but... that was one. Legend was refreshing and fun. Everything AOD should have been but wasn't. As an artist, I just love all of the scenery and graphics in Legend. AOD was ugly to me.

The only other time I can think of would be the James Bond series. I played Goldeneye once on the N64. Great game but never got the system to play it again. Then "The World is Not Enough". Ok game but no Goldeneye. Then Nightfire on PC. Terrible. Traded it for Nightfire on PS2. First Bond game I liked enough to buy but I never got around to finishing the last level. The best Bond game ever? Everything or Nothing. I LOVE IT! Although I also love the classic Bond movies and the game looked amazing; From Russia with Love spent too much time making the Sean Connery model and not enough on anything else. :( The Bond game license is in new hands now, I'm looking forward to seeing what they come up with.