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08-09-06, 15:32
I'm thinking about ordering this movie but I watched AeonFlux and...sad...

Anyway, UltraViolet gives me the feeling that it's kinda the same theme.

So do you think it's worth buying, rent or complete waste of time?

Lara's Boy
08-09-06, 15:33
It's worth a rent. It is a very artistic, aesthetically appealing movie (imo) but if you are looking for a deep storyline....this doesnt' have one. But it has some ass kicking and beautiful effects....it was almost like watching a comic book in motion.


08-09-06, 16:21
Omg. I love that movie. Watched it 3 weeks ago.:D It reminds me Resident Evil a little.

Very good movie.:tmb::)

(and what Rex said.)

08-09-06, 18:02
I love that movie too! :D It's great to see Milla Jovovich kicking arse again! You should rent it just for her :D

(and what Rex and Angelx14 said)

09-09-06, 05:59
OK I'll give it a try. If I like, I'll buy :D

01-10-07, 22:11
Ultraviolet is supposed to be like a comic book. I think it is similiar to Aeon Flux too. I liked both films.

01-10-07, 22:30
the special effects are amazing but the actual film was really boring and confusing. but thats just my opinion. usually i like films like this but there was just too much going on and there was very little dialogue.

Sara Croft
01-10-07, 22:30
I loved it!
Especially one certain cutscene with one certain ***** slap XD

01-10-07, 22:31
Personally I like Paco Rabanne's UltraViolet better ;)

01-10-07, 22:32
Buy it if it's in the sin bin or borrow it from a friend. :tmb:

01-10-07, 22:34
I liked it,though the acting is awful and the plot somehow...strange.

It's visually attractive and,as a whole,it works as a good entertainment.

01-10-07, 22:44
Wow, I'm surprised so many folks here liked it. I thought it was terrible, even with Milla as a kick-ass girl and the cool special effects. Aeon Flux was a much better film with a far more interesting story.

01-10-07, 22:56
One of the stupidest movies I've ever seen. In my opinion, it's so bad that you have to watch it just for the laughs.

Sorry if I'm raining on someone's parade. :rolleyes:

01-10-07, 22:58
i really think that this and aeon flux are some of the worse movies ever made!

and besides this thread was bumped by someone... :pi:

01-10-07, 22:59
I made this thread and watched the movie more than a year ago. I'm glad I didn't buy it. Turned out to be crap. It barely had any storyline.

Soma Holiday
01-10-07, 23:13
lolol...:D Why's this old thread back! I'd have told you it was crap! I promise! lol.

01-10-07, 23:20
Please don't necropost Pyramid Raider. This thread was over a year old.