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Jacob x5
08-09-06, 21:54
Hello everyone. Those of you who play Grand Theft Auto 3 may be aware that there are many hidden things in this game that are always fun to explore. I've been bending the rules a bit and I've found a lot of these things and varified many rumours.

Ghost Town:

Many of you will have perhaps heard of this. You will notice that the street with 'Liberty City Bank' on it that appears in the opening title sequence doesn't exist in the game...or does it?

It's actually a single street floating above the sea behind the hills of Shoreside Vale. None of it is actually solid, but I downloaded a mod that made the floor (but not the buildings) solid, but it's still quite a job getting there.


Of course, you only want to be able to get there when you've never been before. Once you get there, it's really quite boring since you're not supposed to.

"Police Van On The Train Tracks":

A little experiment of mine.


This moment of impact was fun to watch. The train pushed the van forwards and stopped at the stop. When it went on its way again, the van actually caused the train to come off its tracks for a moment before actually going through the van, leaving it as a burning wreckage behind it.

Hidden Sign:

Has anyone ever managed to find this nice little treat? :D


Inaccessible Areas of the Game:

Grand Theft Auto 3 has a lot of places that we'd all love to visit, but you're not supposed to. The game makers didn't take into concideration that flying the plane allows you to reach the point where the buildings become 'hollow', and also allows you to access places like the lighthouse in Portland, the football stadium in Staunton Island, and the observatory in Shoreside Vale (and of course the Ghost Town, as it is called).

In later GTA games it seems that they have taken the time to 'finish' it properly, since a lot of Grand Theft Auto 3 needs tidying up. I think this makes it more fun in some ways. :ton:

Jacob x5
08-09-06, 21:56
Is anyone else having trouble viewing the second image?

EDIT: I've fixed it now.

08-09-06, 21:58
haha nice finds :D I havent found the last one yet..

edit: I can see the second one :wve:

Mad Tony
09-09-06, 09:13
I do that with the vans aswell.
I love doing lost of stupid, crazy things on GTA III :D

09-09-06, 10:11
i have that mod to :D
does nobody notices something about the vans here :
http://img413.imageshack.us/img413/4233/gta3ghosttowntk7.gif :whi:

09-09-06, 10:37
Interesting stuff. Thanks Jacob

09-09-06, 11:51
Yeah, i'm sad. I've looked everywhere :p

09-09-06, 15:48
ROFL @ Hidden Sign pic. I love it!! :vlol: Never played GTA3 myself coz it's not my kind of game.

Also, the writing on those vans outside the Bank would be pronounced as "Group Sex." LOL!!! ROFL!!! :vlol:

Jacob x5
09-09-06, 20:36
i have that mod to :D
does nobody notices something about the vans here :
None of the vehicles on that street are actually cars — you can't get in them and you will walk through them. The securicars are slightly different, and there is another van and an esperanto which have very little detail. I have heard that these might be the 'BETA' cars.

In the real game, the actual securicars have a little more detail in places.

09-09-06, 20:56
I knew about the ghost town, but it's too difficult to fly the Dodo. :(

Jacob x5
09-09-06, 21:04
I knew about the ghost town, but it's too difficult to fly the Dodo. :(
Yes, I can't do it either.

Luckily you don't necessarily have to fly there. You can download a mod which creates a bridge leading directly to the ghost town and makes the floor level solid (but beware of a non-solid patch near the first junction). It also creates two more bridges connecting the three islands, in case you don't yet have access to the second or third islands. These new bridges are very messy though, and I'm afraid I can't remember where to get this mod. As long as you backup the appropriate files, these game moderations will be easily reversible. :)

09-09-06, 21:09
I didn't knew that, thanks!. :)

I'm going to try some GTA forums... But I always heard about only using the Dodo.

Jacob x5
09-09-06, 21:16
There is a reason behind the difficulty of flying the Dodo.

Originally there was going to be a full winged Dodo plane in GTA3, which would have been a dream to fly. Once you had gained speed, it would simply be a matter of up down left right. But at the time the game physics weren't good enough to cope with proper air physics like that, and so the crop winged Dodo was the best that could be managed. I was always frustrated by the fact that there are helicopters in GTA3, and they're at the airport. The only problem is you can't get in them. :p

09-09-06, 21:25
I knew that, but I heard something more and not just because of that... :confused:

Jacob x5
10-09-06, 13:22
I think there might be a genuine bug. I don't think it was meant to be that hard.