View Full Version : Oh My Lord Jesus In Heaven (wicked Related)

09-09-06, 02:44
has any1 seen WICKED the musical? if this has been mentioned b4 i dont care, i just saw it last nite 8th sept!!! the 2nd british preview and OOOO MYYY GOOOWD!! pleez discusss, and for all that havnt seen it, it is the BEST 20-50 pounds u will EVER spend ;)

btw my fav tune, No good deed! wow, idina was so brilliaint! i actually love her.. x

09-09-06, 03:19
i saw wicked when it was still premiering in new york, with the original cast (idina, kirsten etc) and yes, i really think it is one of the best musicals and defenetly my favorite :) havent been able to see it again since, but i really want to... although i know it wont be the same with a different cast.

09-09-06, 05:37
i had an oppertunity to see it when i went to New york city a couple years back but I decided to see the metro instead. I dont regret my decision but I'd love to see Wicked sometime before I die!!!