View Full Version : Best Broadband Deal UK!

09-09-06, 21:06
Hi Folks,

Hope your all well, i was just woundering what BB deals you know of in the UK?

I am currently thinking of taking up BT's option 2 - http://www.bt.com/broadband/bb_info.jsp?s_cid=FURL-broadband

There is four laptops in the house that will be using the connection so high speed is essential.


10-09-06, 02:28
Hello Sparky, nice to see you. :wve:

There are a number of BB deals about, and most particularly, free broadband deals. Check out Talk Talk from Carphone Warehouse. I understand Sky are now offering free BB too, along with Telewest. Best to google for the various offers. As for what deal you go for, be mindful of the minimum term of contract before you commit, else you're stuck if you then spot a better deal.