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10-09-06, 02:46
*Sigh* Well a new Uni semester has begun and already its taking a toll. Being a part-time student really challenges your punctuality and your ability to stick to a schedual. Work, Studies and mainting one's personal life with your significant other eats up your day.

Right now, I am trying to atleast finish up 75% of the assignments ASAP. Doing them during the weekdays will just kill me and that is not an option. So its gonna be a looong sunday. Well atleast I finished up with all the socilizing during Saturday.

In comes caffine and all-nighters.

So Uni students; What's your story? Just pass off the stress and rant away (Mean Profs, New environments, New hookups.) Lets hear from you.

Melonie Tomb Raider
10-09-06, 03:15
omg I hear you! Time management can be tricky! Well as some of you know, my dad is a pastor, so I'm heavily involved with the church. I've gotten some assignments on Wednesday that I am supposed to have completed by Tuesday, and I had every intention of doing them all on Wednesday if possible, but I've had something going on every single day so far! So yeah, I'm going to be working all day tomorrow after church. :vlol: More and likely a lot of Monday too.

Oh well, I'll get it all done. :p

11-09-06, 17:03
Well although I am at university I am not actually living on a university campus in the normal way :p I'm studying with the Open University, so 99% of my study is done at home, according to the schedual I've drawn up.

It's very good on the one hand because you are in complete control of your time; but on the longer courses you still put yourself under a lot of pressure :rolleyes: The course I'm doing at the moment is a 'short' course (completion time: 2 months). These are very straightforward and I go through them faster than turpentine through a sick donkey :mis: (coughthankyouPratchettforthemetaphorcoughcouldn't resistcough)

The longer courses (30 or 60 points) are much, much tougher though ;)

Melonie Tomb Raider
11-09-06, 17:05
I'm not on a university campus either Greenkey. :) Been there, done that, but I prefer what I'm doing now. I am attending kaplan university, which is located in Iowa, but I'm taking online classes. It's the largest online university, so it's definitely credible. :) I love it!

Lara's Boy
11-09-06, 17:24
Man...time is something I simply don't have enough of this semester, lol!
I am only taking 6 hours this time, but I am also working a full time job where I have responsibility, so most of the time it means (at least mentally) taking the job home. I also have a horrible 40 minute commute each way, but right now I can't change that.....for some reason this semester seems so much worse. It wouldn't be so bad, but I swear our professor for Anthropology is an idiot...she seriously can't even spell the word anthropology for goodness sake!:hea:

But my Critical Thinking and Logic/Reasoning class is shaping up quite nicely, so hopefully as the semester goes on things will get better.

Melonie Tomb Raider
11-09-06, 17:31
I'm taking 20 hours this semester, the most I've ever done at once. It's not too bad though, because it's really scheduled quite nicely. I'm most definitely busy though! :eek:

Lara's Boy
11-09-06, 17:32
The most I have taken was 14 hours, but then I actually had a job at the college, so funding and time weren't an issue. However, I have recently moved, and no work in a slightly stressful environment.....I simply can't go as many hours and keep this job (it pays better than most, and has GREAT benefits)

11-09-06, 17:39
You know what? I'd LOVE to be back at Uni right now - it was positively relaxing compared to my job (and my course was about as full on as it gets - 30+ hours a week lectures on Palaeontology, biology, microbiology, chemistry and maths, with studying and coursework on top of that). One day I'll win the lottery and be a full time student forever.... :D

11-09-06, 18:33
I had my last year.. so *^^*

11-09-06, 18:41
LOL My cousin Nicole done her English Lit exam and had an embarrassment in the exam hall. Her lighter (shaped like a masculine item;) ) fell out of ehr bag and rolled into the aisle. She had to stand up and pick it up in front of everyone.:p