View Full Version : Emperors New School.

in these arms
10-09-06, 12:52
Anyone watch it?

Mad Tony
10-09-06, 13:06
What is it?

in these arms
10-09-06, 14:34
Heard of "The Emperors New Grove".

But this is a TV show, showen on Disney Channel.

Its about Emperor Kuzco, who has to succed and graduate in the Kuzco Academy in order to became Emperor.

More Information >>>Here<<< (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Emperor%27s_New_School)

Captain Mazda
10-09-06, 14:47
I was expecting to see a funny picture of Darth Sidious sitting in a classroom using mind trick on the kid beside him to see the test answers. I'm disappointed :mad: