View Full Version : im so worried

10-09-06, 19:14
I know it sounds silly, but im so worried. Tonight, my mum came into the lounge and asked if i had brought our tortoises in. Then she said they they werent in their run. We spent at least 1 and a half hours looking, but we only found shelly and Shermans still missing.

10-09-06, 19:17
awww its not silly :(

im sure he will turn up! leave his favourite food out as a "trap"

hope you find him!

in these arms
10-09-06, 19:23
Poor little Turtle.

I've lost one of my Snails, just not long ago.

10-09-06, 19:26
I hope you find Sherman soon :(

10-09-06, 19:28
I hope you find Sherman soon :(
Me too:(

10-09-06, 19:28
we dotted strawberries around the garden, to tempt him out. The thing is, they are only about a year old, so they arent big enough to hibernate.

10-09-06, 19:33
it will seek the shadow, the water, the humidity :)

10-09-06, 19:57
Aww, that's so sad..I hope you will find Sherman soon..:)
Don't worry. All will be alright. (I hope)