View Full Version : Myspace code slow!!

10-09-06, 21:29
Ok heres my problem :

The transparant code makes my page run really slow in mozilla but in IE it runs fine, is there anyway I can fix this :(

10-09-06, 22:34
Can anyone help me before I go to bed?

11-09-06, 01:10
I'm a Mac user and Myspace runs slowly on Safari if there's an opacity/transparent code on a page. But it runs perfectly fine on Mozilla Firefox, albeit Myspace freezes the browser everytime I visit Myspace. :confused:

I had to remove it before Myspace would work on Safari.

But the transparency code works perfectly fine for me on Windows Mozilla Firefox. :confused:

11-09-06, 07:26
:hea: I wonder if a fresh install of it will work?