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11-09-06, 03:04

anybody used to watch this show? i was so upssesed with this show lol. to bad it was can cancelled. with only 2 seasons....

11-09-06, 03:19
I liked it (and Eliza too)
Think it was ditched as part of a trade off for the simple life with PH.

11-09-06, 06:48
They should have kept it on, it was great and had Eliza Dushku in :cln:

11-09-06, 06:54
I would like to see it...I'm also a fan of Eliza...but they haven't shown it here in Estonia yet :(

11-09-06, 15:39
I dont know why the swapped it for the Simple Life - The Simple Life got less viewers than Tru Calling.

Lara's Boy
11-09-06, 15:41
I remember watching some of those episodes...they were very well down and entertaining. Sad to see it go for Princess Stick....blegh.

11-09-06, 16:16
sadly its true. fox was stuck when the simple life was going to go on air. they only had one slot and guess who was already in it? tru calling. foz decided to cancel tru calling so that they could put the simple life in tru's slot. eliza was very upset and stated if she had known this was going to happen to tru calling, she would have never made the show and would have done the Faith the Vampire Slayer spin off.

11-09-06, 16:23
i love that show- i got the whole series and a half from the net. I think that second series looked like it was gonna be very good, but the evil fox people cut it. I hope the all die painfully:D

11-09-06, 16:40
Faith the Vampire Slayer spin off.

This could have been even better than Buffy the Vampire Slayer :D

11-09-06, 16:43
Yes. I watched this show, very good!; But I think I watched it because of the man that helps her and the other one, her counterpart I guess... http://i101.photobucket.com/albums/m80/StarCroftAOD/Emoticons/4c113998.gif

11-09-06, 18:10
You mean Davis and jack, StarCroft? The great thing about Tru Calling is I feel you can like all the main characters (those whos names appear in the opening titles) - Tru, Harrison, Davis (Davis and Harrison make a great comedy duo), Lindsay (she's just great), Luc, Meredith and Jack (and also Gardez).

My favourite episodes have to be: "The Longest Day" where Tru's day repeats 4 times, "Pilot" which is the opening episodes and stars Hudson Leick (:D)and "Two Weddings and a Funeral" where Harrison dies. The episodes were always brilliant I felt, never really were awful. Season 2 was really starting to build up a whole background on the whole fate thing but sadly it was cancelled :(

For anyone wondering what would happen, you can read this: http://tightropegirl.livejournal.com/
You'll have to scroll down a bit first though.

11-09-06, 18:31
I don't know...What are their names?. So I can search some pics.

11-09-06, 18:39
http://www.zachgalifianakis.com/ (Go to the Photos section of the site which is obvious, LoL)



11-09-06, 18:46
Thanks!. :)

They are ugly now... :yik: :D

11-09-06, 20:41
damn, season 3 sounded really good! I particlarly like the bit about the bank raid.

11-09-06, 20:43
FOX has a history of killing good shows to replace them with crap.

11-09-06, 21:40
shawn reaves who plays trus brother harrison davies was fit as ****!!!!

12-09-06, 02:14
yea i miss tru calling. anybody happen to know what the ratings were for the show weekly?

12-09-06, 16:16
from Zap2it Tv site off of google:

"Tru Calling" is averaging about 4.1 million viewers a week and typically scores a rating of between 1.5 and 2.5 among adults 18-49, FOX's (and advertisers') favored demographic. Its performance is on par -- a little lower, actually -- than what the network did in the time period last fall with the likes of "30 Seconds to Fame."The fact that the series airs opposite two ratings giants, NBC's "Friends" and CBS' "Survivor: Pearl Islands," probably also bought it some extra ratings leeway.

AT its peak, buffy the vampire slayer got 4.1 million ratings, so i dont see why The evil that is fox cancelled it.

12-09-06, 18:15
Yeah I used to like watching it too. It's a shame that it got cancelled, I was so ****ed off. :(