View Full Version : Anybody??

11-09-06, 14:22
Has anybody bought any of the 2-disc Star Wars DVD's that were released today (although they'll be released in the US tomorrow), and if so, have you seen them and what do you think of the theatrical version's picture quality.

tlr online
11-09-06, 14:32
Not yet. On my list tho. I already had the DVD Trilogy, so I'm a little peeved I've got to buy them again. Same with the Bond boxset.

11-09-06, 14:34
They're on my list too. I was annoyed at first that the original theatrical versions on Disc Two wouldn't be remastered, but now I'm just happy to see them in their unCGIed glory.

Lara's Boy
11-09-06, 14:36
I don't plan on buying them. We bought the boxset on VHS, and we have it on DVD...that's enough for me. I swear, I have never seen a move re-released like this.....and have people still clamoring to get their hands on it, lol.