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Mad Tony
11-09-06, 19:48
What areas or places in video games do you like?
I.E. St Francis' Folly on TR1.

For me:

MGS1 - Rex's Lair
MGS2 - Arsenal Gear
MGS3 - Grozny Grad
TR1 - St Francis' Folly and Lost Valley
TR2 - Venice and Offshore Rig
TR3 - Lud's Gate, Crash Site and High Security Compound
TR5 - Submarine

And probably loads more but i've forgotten them :p

11-09-06, 19:55
Metal Gear Solid 2 - Arsenal Gear cause of the athmosphere and creepy feeling. O.o
Metal Gear Solid 3 - Grozny Grad cause I like metal gear solid as high tech game.. and that area had some hilarious scenes ^.^
Tomb Raider 4 - Alexandria, Temple of Karnak and The ending bits.. cant really choose..

11-09-06, 19:58
Loads of places in TR1-6 and legend

Many places in the Star Wars games
Middle Earth
Morrowind, Cyrodiil
Nearly everywhere in FF7,8,9, some places in 10


Mad Tony
11-09-06, 20:06
I forgot tons!

Final Fantasy IX - Memoria
Final Fantasy IX - Lindbulum
Final Fantasy IX - Treno
Final Fantasy IX - Evil Forest
Final Fantasy IX - Dali
Final Fantasy IX - Ice Cavern
Final Fantasy IX - Alexandria
Final Fantasy IX - Qu's Marsh

11-09-06, 20:11
I like:

TR 1 - The Lost Valley, St Francis' Folly
Star Wars: KOTOR - Taris, Dantooine, Tatooine, Kashyyyk, Manaan, Korriban, Unknown World
Star Wars: KOTOR 2 - Telos, Dantooine, Onderon
Harry Potter Games - Hogwarts

11-09-06, 20:13
Oh wow, good question ummm...

Shenmue II - The whole of the Wan Chai area
Tomb Raider 4 - Coastal Ruins
Sonic Adventure - Mystic Ruins
Sonic 2 - Mystic Cave zone
TRC - Scary Isle

11-09-06, 20:20
damn I forgot final fantasy.. xD

FFX - Zanarkand
FFX - Zanarkand ruins
FFX - Kilika
FFX - Omega ruins :jmp:

FFVIII - Mostly everything in it :)

11-09-06, 20:25
I like many places, but my favorite is Arcadia in Dreamfall:)

11-09-06, 22:46
SILENT HILL, in Silent Hill (definitely!! :D)
Arcadia in Dreamfall
Hogwarts in Harry Potter games
The Shire in LOTR: The Fellowship of the Ring
Delfino Plaza in Super Mario Sunshine (so cheery :D)
The haunted mansion in Luigi's Mansion
Coastal Village in TR3
Temple of Karnak in TR4
Am Shere in The Mummy Returns
Pretty much all locations in Elder Scrolls: Oblivion

Ah... SO many. I love locations in games.

11-09-06, 22:57
The whole world of FFVIII.
The Old Road in FFX [south end if my memory serves me]
Many other places in FFX... :p
Just generally places in FFs :D
Alexandria in TR4 [one of my dream places to live in]
Madubu Gorge in TR3.
Most places in AoD...

11-09-06, 23:07
The Temple of Horus in TR4

Yuna´s Wish
11-09-06, 23:12
Memoria in FFIX;
Silent Hill in, well, you know...;
all the places in Shadow Hearts 2 and 3, including Purgatory of SH3;
island of Resident Evil Code Veronica X;
Spanish town of Resident Evil 4;
everywhere in God of War;
every tomb, temple, jungle or desert in every single Tomb Raider;
Japanese Shrines of Fatal Frame 2, Crimson Butterfly;
House of Sleep in Fatal Frame 3, the Tormented;
castle of Haunting Ground/Demento;
Radiata town in Radiata Stories;
the whole world of Star Ocean 3, including all the mazes and the special ones too...

I could keep going but the list is huge...

11-09-06, 23:12
The Mortuary, Sigil, Avernus, Fortress of Regrets in Planescape: Torment
Kuldahar, Kresselack's Tomb and The Severed Hand in Icewind Dale
The Plaguelands, Ashenvale, Feralas and Stratholme in World of Warcraft
The Lost Valley, St. Francis' Folly, The Cistern and Atlantis in TR1
Temple of Xian and Floating Islands in TR2
India, South Pacific and Antarctica levels in TR3
Tomb of Seth in TR: TLR
The Black Isle in TRC
Every level in AOD except the Louvre Storm Drains

Legend of Lara
12-09-06, 10:21
Green Hill Zone- Sonic the Hedgehog 91
Circus Park- Shadow the Hedgehog
Waterfall- Tekken 5
N Sanity Island- Crash Twinsanity
Ocean Palace- Sonic Heroes
Ghana- TR: Legend

12-09-06, 18:44
first level of far cry :D
edit : TR3 - south pacific

kill bill
12-09-06, 18:53
every where in ff8 10 x2 x1 x3 online.

cant say every where in sims 2 thow.:(

and every where in tr 1 2 3 6 7

12-09-06, 19:19
TR2 = Venice
TR4 = Coastal Ruins
The Getaway = London (cockney gangsters and all ;))

12-09-06, 19:42
Inverted castle - Castlevania - SOTN PS1
Quest for the Helmet - Wrath of Thor - TRLE PC
Rooftops - Twisted Metal 2 - PS1
Waterworld Battle - Resident Evil 4 - GC
Facility - Goldeneye - N64

12-09-06, 22:17
The Netherworld - Disgaea
The World - .HACK
Ghana - Tomb Raider Legend
Raccoon City - Resident Evil

12-09-06, 22:32
Every location in Genji. Stunning Japanese temples, zen gardens, sakura blossom and everything. So beautiful and colourful it almost makes me cry!!