View Full Version : Most real fighting game you have ever played?

12-09-06, 22:53
For me it will have to be Dead Or Alive!!!***boss = 1 unreal point***

Street Fighter cant cuz it has its Bomb moves well you know chun-li

Ryu, Ken they have those big moves and Akuma/ bosses =3 unreal points..

Mortal Kombat has blood and very unreal moves like if u punch someone in a Elbow does blood come out? hmmm lets say NO!! and they rip heads they can get frozen and there are lots of things I bet... but i have forgot!!! MK= 5 unreal points...

Tekken how can a Kangie play boxing....

the bosses are very much unreal...

Devil Jin!

how can a Dinosaur enter the tournament well i think it was a dinosaur?

spit ***white stuff***

blood ***I guess its red stuff *** comes out of a persons body when u hit them....

i might of forgot some... = 5 and a half unreal points!!

now just give your score... score any fighting game you want!!!!!

13-09-06, 05:55
Probably Virtua Fighter 4.