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13-09-06, 01:26
anybody played this game.? i love this game lol. even though i screw up every chance i get lol.

13-09-06, 02:24
Is it like this http://bestsmileys.com/buttons/13.gif (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?t=26019&highlight=DANCE) thread?

13-09-06, 03:50
oops. sorry i must have bypassed it when i was searching. could you close this thread.

13-09-06, 03:56
No, its cool. Look at the date on the other one. (Dec last year)

Edit: I only posted the link to show other people here had played it.

13-09-06, 07:32
And this thread can go to the games section. ...

13-09-06, 10:57
I love Dance Dance Revolution/Dancing Stage, and im quite good at it :D

Favourite tracks include, Dynamite Rave in Difficult, Do It All Night in Expert, B4U In Expert, and Paranoia Evolution in Difficult.

13-09-06, 12:51
I've only played Pump It Up... I'm addicted to it; The songs are fantastic and very nice; I remember going only to play this game instead of the other ones...


Lost Angel 21
13-09-06, 19:32
We played DDRE at my friend's birthday party; her other friend brought it. We played it at my house when she brought it and it's really fun. I sucked at it though, oh well, I still had fun.

14-09-06, 01:15
i'm like stcuk around the standard level in dance extreme mode or soemthing liek that because none of the other levels will open. i wonder why...