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TR freak
13-09-06, 13:07
Here are my reasons why I think RE4 is better than other RE games.


In classics the difficulty was ultra hard. Not just hard but the games were too hard that they made me hate the games after not very long. RE4 makes it very difficult but not too difficult so you hate the game. There are several types of games. There's too easy, easy but fun, average, difficult, too difficult. The perfect game for me is the difficult one. Thats what RE4 did and made the difficulty perfect for me.


In classics I ran out of ammo very quickly and it became extremely annoying and frustrating making me hate the games. In RE4 ammo is still a part of the gameplay and you do run out of ammo, but its not nearly as frustrating. You will always have at least one weapon with some ammo throughout the entire game and by killing enemies you get even more ammo so you can make up for lost ammo. Its not frustrating at all but you do still lose ammo and its a part of the gameplay to conserve as much ammo as possible.


I think the merchant is good because you can do many things you couldn't do in classics. You can upgrade weapons so you can kill enemies quicker. You can buy and sell items adding a new gameplay element to save up to buy new weapons, first aid kits, new attache cases. I like the fact you can buy these because it can allow for more space in your inventory for the bigger better weapons. All of this just makes the game more fun and better than classics.

Save feature

This is a brilliant improvement in RE4. You dont have to save up ink ribbons making it more conveniant and less frustrating. It keeps the save system with with typewriters but without the frustration of ink ribbons, which I think is perfect. Also the checkpoints are better. In RE4 if you get killed in one area it doesn't send you all the way back to where you last saved. It just sends you to the start of that area.

Behind leon camera

This suits much better. It allows for action to be better and it makes it feel more like you are actually there. Targeting specific body parts and just generally aiming is much better.

These are the main reasons why I prefer RE4 to classics. I could name a few more reasons but this is enough for now. I look forward to RE5 next year and I hope to see more of the same as was in RE4. I realise hardcore classic RE fans dont like RE4 because its not as much like classic RE games as others were. I guess its valid to say that even if I think the changes made were for the better. Change isn't always recieved well. What do you think about the new approach to RE?

13-09-06, 13:09
Re4 is my favourite game of all time.
And them factors you stated did contribute but i just loved the Story to it, Shame they'll never be a sequel.

13-09-06, 13:43
It's a great game, I really Really enjoyed it. The 'no-zombie' touch was different, and I thought it'd bother me - but those Los Illuminados cultists were creepy as anything. The Regenerator's scare the hell out of me - but I really missed the Tyrant.

I've always loved Re1-3, and that style of RE I feel was better at times. It was a Heck of a lot more challenging, tense and freaky in places. That's why I like the RE1 remake more than Re4. Visually stunning, kept the gameplay of RE1, and yet enhanced so much about it - the story and extra areas were fantastic.

Re4 felt different. Not bad though, and the RE feel was still present in locations: yet I prefer the old style camera angles and those puzzles. Re4 puzzles were far too plain for an Re game unfortunately.

The merchant was a cool touch, just like that commando game in Re3 was: using the points you gathered in those time trails was a cool touch because it added more replay in getting new weapons and equipment :tmb:

I love Re4! I just Love the 4 before it more. :D

TR freak
13-09-06, 16:34
I remember when I first got the game on my birthday in february. I got it with several other games. It was the game I started last out of the games I got. I started it last because before playing it the mere thought of a new resident evil game scared me. Every other RE I played gave me nightmares the day after I got them. I watched the opening movie showing the zombie story. I saw all the scenes from RE3 and thought about how scary the zombies in this game would be. As soon as I took control of Leon just the environment around me gave me chills. I always walked slowly at first, just like I did with previous RE games. I was expecting something to come out and frighten the life out of me. I went in the house and saw the little movie thing with the first villager. As soon as he turned round and I saw his face I was like "Whats wrong with his face? He's not a zombie but he has an evil disgusting face". Then he tries to kill leon then I took over. I was worried controls would be different. They weren't. I just got out my gun and shot him several times. I thought he must have been some smart zombie. When he was dead it said he wasn't a zombie. I was like "What the hell is he then? What kid of human takes several shots to the face?" In that way the villagers didn't feel any different from zombies. They still took about the same amount of shots as zombies. Because of this the new type of enemy didn't bother me. I loved all the new enemies and I thought this new story was a bit more deep and a bit better than zombie story. I loved when I first encountered ppl who once you killed them normally parasites come out of their heads. I just wasn't expecting it after a long time of just humans normally. I think the bosses are pretty cool. When I first encountered del lago I loved it. It didn't scare me but it did amaze me as it was such a cool boss. El gigante scared me. When he first came running towards me I remember my first words. "Oh ****!!! Chief was a pretty scary boss and a cool one. It took me 2 attempts to kill him. Well actually I died about 5 times from the interactive cutscene before the boss. Salazar was pretty disappointing. I was expecting it to be hard but I killed him first time using only a few shots with my magnum. Saddler was a pretty good boss although it could have been a bit harder. RE4 did scare me a few times, certainly when I was first starting the game. Chainsaw man did at first and so did the oven man.

13-09-06, 16:43
Lol the Oven man still scares me because I always forget about him!
The third time through the game I reached that room and thought.. Something's not right here... *Boom*Flames, Moans, *AAAGGHH!* Blam Blam, ... ... Phew..

13-09-06, 16:46
I found Salazar the hardest boss in the game... I had no idea what do... And the oven guy didn't even touch me... I was kinda expecting something to pop out at that moment.

13-09-06, 16:48
Anyone else find Saddler waayyy too easy? I think even Salazar was trickier than him.

13-09-06, 16:52
yeah.. I beaten Saddler without dying... easiest boss in the game.

TR freak
13-09-06, 16:54
Salazar was easy as pie. Get out magnum and shoot the eye. Keep shooting until he's dead. Occasionally press the dodge buttons when the icons appear. It took me about 10-20 seconds to kill him. If you're not using the magnum it would probably be quite difficult. I was saving the magnum up for ages until I encountered a boss. As soon as I encountered salazar my instinct was to use it.

13-09-06, 16:56
Saddler puts up MUCH more of a fight in Pro mode, trying to stay alive until Ada drops the Rocket Launcher is like a nightmare :hea:

13-09-06, 17:09
I actually found that Saddlers battle with Ada was a lot better than Leon's.... for those of you who have played seperate ways.
How he flickered forwards and everything, was great.

13-09-06, 17:15
ive seena vid of it, i wanna get the PC version when it comes out, one of the best games ever, such a change from the usual aiming aswell, and because i wanna play Ada.