View Full Version : Just got my copy of "Company of Heroes"...

14-09-06, 03:47
Man this game is sweet...and the fact that I got it one day before offical release date is 10 times better...

It's like Brothers in Arms plus battlefield 1942's gameplay combined with Call of Duty's presentation...and it played out as a Real Time Strategy game...with totally destructable envrionment to help out the gameplay.

Just wish I got Joseph's rig to run this game smoothly...and it's also sad that this game can't be ported to next-gen console (this game do need the raw processing power that X360 and PS3 offers)

To showcase the ground breaking graphic engine for a RTS game that can fool people thinking that it is an FPS game...

http://i.i.com.com/cnet.g2/images/2006/253/reviews/927618_20060911_thumb002.jpg (http://i.i.com.com/cnet.g2/images/2006/253/reviews/927618_20060911_screen002.jpg)

14-09-06, 11:27
Why isn't it being ported to the consoles?

14-09-06, 20:22
It's rare for RTS to be ported properly for the console system...too bad Relic is not EA.