View Full Version : Desperate Housewives

16-09-06, 09:20
I was looking forward for this game months ago but when I saw the cover, I changed my mind :S What do you think of it? I heard there is a TV show of it too. http://www.gamespot.com/search.html?type=11&stype=all&tag=search%3Bbutton&qs=desperate+housewives&x=46&y=1

Mad Tony
16-09-06, 09:30
The TV show is what this game is based on.
I don't think it will be that good.
I rip off of The Sims I think.

17-09-06, 07:28
The show is awsome no doubt, but the game...:o

We'll see...

17-09-06, 13:08
I will try out the game, knowing me I will probabaly really like it.

I do love the show aswell :D

17-09-06, 13:11
I still don't understand the point of this game.. I'm really tempted to rent it once it comes out, just to see what the hell it is. :vlol:

17-09-06, 16:43
The show rocks. I was shocked they decided to make it into a game. I mean, I think a large number of the audience for that show are wives with kids and jobs, and are too busy to be playing video games, let think its very mature. XD I also don't see any of the main characters besides their sons playing video games. If you wanted to apeal to your female gameing audience, why not have one of the main characters playing video games, or one of their daughters, or introduce a new character who loves video games but can be very feminine and mature at the same time.