View Full Version : Stuck in Prince Of Persia Warrior Within

17-09-06, 06:41
I'm stuck in the hall where there's a statue pouring water at the center. I pulled a lever from some balcony and four more levers appeared in the statue hall.

I pulled one of them and a huge statue lowered.

Does anyone know the order I have to pull them, or the direction they're to face?

17-09-06, 07:06
I think I know which level you are in. You will have to make them face in such a way as to cause the water flow in all the cracks on the floor below.

It's a rather complicated business, I suggest you consult the guide here (http://www.neoseeker.com/resourcelink.html?rlid=91569&rid=85051) (scroll down to where it says: Chapter 09: "The Towers".

17-09-06, 07:17
Cool. Thanks a bunch :)