View Full Version : Upcoming Core/Rebellion game

17-09-06, 08:59
I want to know what upcoming game core is up to... Are they up to an upcoming game or not? If they are can anyone please tell me? :)

17-09-06, 10:30
As far as I know their Freerunning has been taken from the depths of being unreleased and is due to be released in November (according to the Official PS2 Mag-UK). As for other games, don't know a thing, sorry :)

17-09-06, 10:58
I know that they are currently working on a new game (not freerunning) and something tells me this is going to put Core/Rebellion on the map. The Core team must be feeling much more enthusiastic now that they're no longer under the thumb of Eidos. They've also been growing in numbers with the defectors from Circle coming back to Core. The only the way is up! :)

I'll be keeping an eye out for any news but I haven't seen anything yet - which means the team must be working hard at it, too much publicity or too early media releases are never clever anyway.

Night Crawler
17-09-06, 12:22
They should make something using Core's old Tomb Raider engine, something Tomb Raidery...but not quite, as a kind of last hurrah to old fans and also as a middle finger salute to their previous owners ;)

17-09-06, 13:34
I would love a game from core with a female character in the lead role! If there is please inform me.

Agent 47
17-09-06, 20:12
i've sussed it Crofty_Tomb...............

Core is owned by Rebellion
Rebellion own 2000AD
Core owns 80% of an aborted TR game

Judge Cassandra Anderson (PSI Judge)

just make a game based on The Judge Child Quest or Wolf in the Fold

there you have a female lead character, mass exploration and adventure, what more could you ask?

18-09-06, 15:39
Theres no such games as those 2 you mentioned... I checked gamespot... etc. Anyway, I think the most successful ffemale leading role game would be made by core... I dont see your point

18-09-06, 15:59
I actually hope they don't have a female lead role - I'd assume they would want to take things in a differant direction now they have the freedom. I'm expecting something that's going to differant and innovative over anything else. They'll probably stick with something challenging and immersive though.