View Full Version : What would TR be like if it was on a nintendo?

18-09-06, 09:02

Night Crawler
18-09-06, 09:21
The same?

18-09-06, 13:31
burnt out :p

Lara Croft!
18-09-06, 13:37
Lara would have spikes instead of a braid!:D

18-09-06, 13:50
what are you asking? I don't get it? It's all the same on every platform. :)

18-09-06, 13:53
you mean to aks like what it would be if it was doen for nintendo ages wiht some japanese creator?


2d, swords, dragons, spikes, magick etc..

so basically the same besides 2D :D

btw if someone doesnt get that spikes they seriously need to get a better sence of humour ;) :p

18-09-06, 14:02
I don't understand what you mean:o Like legend exist on game cbue and that's nintendo:S

18-09-06, 14:44
Most probably Lara would start having a moustache, using a red hat and talking with an odd italian accent, becoming a Mario bros mutant.
The 'Mamma mia' quote would be used many times by Legend Lara (for obvious reasons)
And I can predict what Ian Livingstone would say about 'Mario Croft: Italo Raider':
"A game featuring a big-breasted travesti with a moustache and dressed like a janitor. That's what gamers these days prefer.
Fans forgave Lara for AoD,
They hated her for Legend
and They'll love him/her for Italo Raider!"

18-09-06, 15:50
lol mau "vlol:

mama-mia! that's rich XD

18-09-06, 15:51
lmao @ Mau3genius :vlol:

18-09-06, 16:13
Hmm that's actually a good question. Nintendo has been known to have more immersive games and they have a more substance over style approach (the featured highlighted about the Wii/DS being a good example). Bear in mind that the latest installment is actually to be released on the Gamecube but I think that if Tomb Raider was "grown" on the nintendo then things could have been differant.

The reason I think this is because TR1 was much more innovative than anything that followed after it and that was intended for the Sega Saturn which could be considered as an innovative console in itself (but a huge failiure). I don't know what the correlation is between the quality or content of consoles and their "own" games but it is quite curious.

With the Xbox/PS2/GC generation, developers found it easier to develop games for all 3 systems but with marginalisation re-emerging in the hardware market (Wii in particular), there may yet be a return to consoles having exclusivity to certain games.