View Full Version : Enchanted Arms for Xbox 360?

Tomb Raider Jay
18-09-06, 13:18
Hi guys :wve:

Does anyone else have Enchanted Arms for the 360? :confused:

I bought it on the day it came out..September the 8th I think and I'm really enjoying the game :)
I read some reviews before buying EA and they were pretty negative, warning people not to buy EA but instead just wait for Blue Dragon or Lost Odessy :(

I'm about 34% into it and it's pretty cool, the turn based combat is better in EA than Final Fantasy X's but only because it was boring in FFX. The enemy encounter rate however is just punishingly harsh, this is nothing like FF where you can walk for a good few seconds without battles - in EA battles happen every freakin' step!!! :mad:
But once you get past that it's fine, even enjoyable :)

The graphics are good, not stunning or amazing or anything but good all the same. I was more stunned by Final Fantasy XII's graphics on a HDTV than I am by EA - but still it looks just fine :)
The cut-scenes are pretty lazy, it's like only two characters can be on-screen at once....not great in a very story driven genre :(

The story is kinda good, I'm finding it hard to keep track of because so much is going on but it's alittle boring and the cut-scenes do rival Xenosaga's at times :o

The voice acting in English is downright bad.....no really BAD! and so is the music, bland and forgettable :(
Once you hear Yuki or Karin it kinda makes you thankful for Rikku and Tidus in FFX and that Square-Enix get talented voice actors like James Arnold Taylor and Tara Strong to voice their characters :p
Atsuma has an okay voice actor but I'd say everyone else is pretty pathetic, there's no emotion or feeling in their characters speach - just annoying screeching! :(

The grid battle thing is also kinda puting me off though, it appears in every battle and you can't switch it off - but besides that it's a typical Japanese RPG and it's great stuff :D

Rate: 7/10 Enchanted Arms

Anyone else have it? :)