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18-09-06, 16:38
Can someone (or some people, if you're all in a helpful mood), post a list of all the POP games available on PS2 and a brief sentence or two about how good each one is? I'm thinking about giving them a whirl if I get some positive feedback.

18-09-06, 16:48
they are quite good,
prince of persia sands of time, this one is good, hard to kill the mosnters but fun
Prince of persia worrior within, same as sands of time, good, worth buying

Prince of persia the two thrones, same as two thrones and sands of time, more stuff to do and you get to controol the prince's evil side, new charachters and new moves.

buy the sands of time, if you like it but the worrior within and then buy the two thrones (thats the order ofthe games.)

Tomb Raider Master
18-09-06, 16:54
I still (:mad: :p) haven't played the TT, but I can say something about the SOT and the WW. The former game is great! :tmb: Beautiful Persian atmosphere, music and controls. The story is very interesting, but the fights knew to be very tricky sometimes. The latter one is a bit "less better" (:p) as it contains dark atmosphere, harder enemies and some other stuff... The music has suddenly changed to rock/metal. I like this game very much, but I prefer the SOT. :)

Both definitely worth playing! :tmb:

18-09-06, 16:56
POP: Sands of Time - The use of the sands to rewind and slow down time is really cool.

POP: Warrior Within - I haven't played this for a while but it's quite different to the first. You can use 2 Weapons at once.

POP: The Two Thrones - This is similar to SOT but there are new moves you can do. Oh, and POP:T2T ROCKS!! My fav POP game.

18-09-06, 17:17
POP: Sands of Time - Good story, fun gameplay, a must play game, IMO!

POP: Warrior Within - Not as good as the first, but still has good moments. It has a darker theme compared to the first, which I didn't care for, but it's still enjoyable. The fighting system is much improved.

POP: The Two Thrones - Brings back the great atmosphere from the SOT. The storyline is very enjoyable and brings a satisfying end to the trilogy. Probably my favorite of the three! The gameplay is so fun, I wish this is how TR would play.

No doubt three of my favorite games ever made! You should definitely get them! :tmb:

18-09-06, 23:09
The gameplay is so fun, I wish this is how TR would play.

Yeah, me too, (TR Legend)

Ward Dragon
19-09-06, 19:42
Edit: Oops, I just noticed you said a brief sentence about each...Oh well, I'll leave this here in case you want to read it anyway.

All three games provide the Prince with the ability to rewind time for about 8 seconds (for if he dies or gets injured badly), to slow down time so that he can move relatively faster, and to use his sand powers for attack purposes. You have to get past the beginning parts of the games before you gain these abilities, though.

The Sands of Time -- This game is short and sweet. The story is good. The combat is decent (which is to say it was very good until the next game improved it dramatically:p). My only problem with this game is that the characters have conversations with each other occassionally during gameplay and sometimes I can't hear what they are saying. Overall, the game is somewhat linear. It's always obvious which way you have to go to leave an area, but getting there can be tricky because you have to see the route through the environment (run up that wall, jump onto that pole and swing over to that ledge, balance across, jump to that platform, run along the wall, etc.). The environments are gloriously contrived to provide the Prince with a route to take, but somehow it doesn't bother me at all. It's just too much fun using the Prince's abilities :D Oh, there are some secret areas you can find to gain extra life upgrades.

Warrior Within -- This is I think the longest and most complex of the trilogy. The game is not very linear. There is a set path you have to take through the game, but it's not always easy to see what that path is. You have to backtrack through some areas at times. Once you gain certain abilities you can access new places within the areas you were in before. There are treasure chests hidden all throughout the game which require some exploring to find and they unlock artwork that you can see from the main menu. There are also hidden areas with tons of traps that you find to get life upgrades. The game itself is much darker than Sands of Time. The environments look bleak and desolate, and the soundtrack contains some heavy metal (although there is no singing, it's just the instruments). I think it works very well, although not everyone agrees with me. Oh yeah, there are Dahaka chases :D You have to run like mad in certain places to escape from a monster that is chasing you. These parts are quite exhilarating :D The combat system has a huge number of different possible attacks that can be triggered by pressing different button combinations. You can tell the game to randomly slow down when a cool move results in a fatality (just so you can see it better, it doesn't affect gameplay).

The Two Thrones -- This game combines elements of the first two games together. Part of the game has the light feeling of the first game and part of it is darker like the second game. This game expands upon the insanely cool combat system of Warrior Within in which nearly every different button combo you press results in a different attack :D This game has a lot of cool boss fights that are somewhat puzzle-y (except for one that was just damned frustrating). The game picks up where WW left off and ends up tying everything from both games together in a really nicely done way. The Prince turns into the Dark Prince at certain preset points in the game and the Dark Prince has different strengths and weaknesses that are fun to work with. The Dark Prince also has the DaggerTail, which is a giant chain made out of blades that he can use to attack enemies or swing off of poles. It's really cool :D This game also has a few chariot chases in which you have to steer the chariot through a preset course, avoiding obstacles and attacking enemies as they try to board your chariot. I generally don't like racing games so I found these parts to be frustrating but do-able. Oh, you can find secret life upgrades in this game as well.

Overall, I'd say that all three games are definitely worth playing, and you should probably play them in order. The story makes more sense that way, and the games add moves with each one so it'd be annoying to get used to having certain moves and then go back to the first game where you do not have them.

19-09-06, 20:25
I have yet to play the last game of the series, but I intend to soon.

Prince of Persia- SoT :It's amazing, everything just falls in place. Even if it takes a bit to get used to the controls concerning fighting (especially if you're using the mouse and keyboard), they're very enjoyable.

You should 100% buy this game and you'll see why many people find it a masterpiece (I sure do! :D). Too bad it's kind of short

Prince of Persia- WW :This game is now mature-rated and it has a lot more violence, gore, you don't have the same atmosphere as in the first one. I find it very repetitive exploring the same area over and over again, but it has an interesting story and the fights are more elaborate.

It's a real shame they changed the feel of the game just to attract more gamers, but I think it's worth buying too.

If you buy them, have fun!

19-09-06, 20:54
Warrior Within is a hard core third person action adventure game. This has the spirit of early TR. And some tough puzzles. 9/10.:)