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19-09-06, 07:24
Just wondered if anyone else noticed all the weird links and stuff to past TRs on Legend, like the Natla boxes and the fact she's been to Peru in this one and in TR1, also why that blonde girl looks so much (and sounds like) Natla? Plus the artifacts in TR3 and Legend are quite similar, they both shoot green stuff and she had to fight a crazy boss to get each piece. Ooh while I'm at it, the blonde woman boss in TR3 looks and sounds like Natla and the blonde one in Legend too...

Also the convo between Alistair and Lara when she was in the mountains looking for the plane, where he said something like "Youre used to digging up other people's pasts not your own," and Lara replied, "No its always been about this,".

Just think thats weird. Maybe she's always been looking for links to her mother?

Or maybe I'm paranoid :D lol let me know what you think,
Nik x

19-09-06, 07:33
I think CD needed to leave a few reminders to gamers so they could make a connection to past TR games which Core made. Or it could just be a coincidence :D
Oh,And welcome to the forum Nicola :wve:

19-09-06, 11:05
l think the only actually link to previous adventures was the Natla crates, and perhaps all blondes just look the same in Lara's world

19-09-06, 13:24
Thankyou :-) Autolycus,

hopefully we will get an answer at some point about the crates in a new game, cos i dont think i could stand it if they didnt lol Nik