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20-09-06, 21:47
to get an n-gage and then get TR for it? i think it is. does anyone have it? if you do,what are your opinions? should i get it? how is the gameplay?

20-09-06, 22:07
Gameplay exactly the same as TR1 - as it's basically a TR1 convert to a postage stamp sized screen. She's got a black top instead of the green one, there's no voices, I'm not even sure there's music on it - and there's no FMV's.


21-09-06, 09:55
I played tr1 on n-gage on my friend's and it's not that very good. They only change lara's shirt with aod's(black) and that's it.It's hard to press forward,jump,climb with those buttons unlike ps or pc. and the screen is small too.

you'll get sore fingers after palying a while

21-09-06, 09:58
Yeah don't waste your cash, lol.

21-09-06, 14:48
I have it, and it's nothing special. The game is totally the same as TR1 (which is muchh better when played on a decent-sized screen), and it's no problem to get used to the controls, but they put in one very, VERY annoying feature - when you press forward and then let go of it, Lara continues to run until you press back. A recipe for great many frustrating deaths, that :D

So, get it only if you can get it really cheap :)

21-09-06, 15:50
well i am requesting one for my B-day (october 8th) 'cause they r cheap and i am excited about bieng able to play the first TR portable! p.s. if i get it does anyone want to play the minigames with wi-fi? i know there arent many plyers now thats why i am asking. :D

21-09-06, 16:10
well i am requesting one for my B-day (october 8th) 'cause they r cheap and i am excited about bieng able to play the first TR portable!

This (http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/TOMB-RAIDER-GAMEBOY-COLOR-ADVANCE-SP-GAME-RARE_W0QQitemZ300026996980QQihZ020QQcategoryZ11268 0QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem) and this (http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/GAME-BOY-COLOUR-GAME-TOMB-RAIDER-CURSE-OF-THE-SWORD_W0QQitemZ200028780426QQihZ010QQcategoryZ1126 80QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem#ebayphotoh osting) were the first portable TR games ;)

21-09-06, 16:37
i mean literally the first tomb raider game,but portable

21-09-06, 16:40
sorry 4 double post but have yall heard about bieng able to record your own vids. and the downloadable assault course?

kill bill
21-09-06, 16:50
i have it not god just angel of darkness outfit.

21-09-06, 17:16
can someone plz post a gameplay video? plz!!!!!!!!!

Night Crawler
21-09-06, 17:18
I think it's a terrible idea, have you seen the screen on that thing? It's vertical, meaning you hardly see what's going on either side of Lara. It's really outdated now too.

This is the only gameplay video I could find:


21-09-06, 17:36
i dont care if its dated. its my favorite TR and i would lov it to be portable.

besided-its cheap

21-09-06, 17:40
does this include the same menu as the consoles? is laras house available? plz tell

Night Crawler
21-09-06, 17:41
i dont care if its dated. its my favorite TR and i would lov it to be portable.

besided-its cheapI heard sony were releasing some sort of PSP Playstation emulator...couldn't you just wait a while and then you'll be able to play it on your PSP?

21-09-06, 17:58
mabybut anyway does anyone have the answer to my question above?

21-09-06, 19:08
plz reply!!!! does this include croft manner?

21-09-06, 19:09
What the hell?! It's EXACTLY the same. The controls would also be hardto master on that console.

Gothlegend: I dunno.

EDIT: Yes the Croft Manor is on the N-Gage version. I don't want an N-Gage though. They weren't that popular.

The only difference to TR N is that it has 3 extra levels. Not worth it.

21-09-06, 19:34
totaly worth it!!!!!!!!! they r cheap now anyway

21-09-06, 22:48
are there cheat codes for this like on ps and pc? if so,can i hav them plz?

21-09-06, 23:52
Christ, you have a lot of questions.
Why don´t you just get it, since it´s cheap? :)

Night Crawler
22-09-06, 00:09
I don't see the point in asking for people's opinions and then blatently ignoring them. Seems like you had your mind made up from the start because most people in this thread are screaming "STAY AWAY" ;)

22-09-06, 19:12
yeah i want one cuase TR for it is only $2.99 and there r 2 ngages on ebay but my mom is afraid they wont work even though the description is works perfectly

22-09-06, 19:47
r there cheat codes 4 this?

23-09-06, 16:32
Gothlegend: You behave like a forumtroll.

Yes there are some cheats for Tomb Raider N-Gage. Check this (http://www.neoseeker.com/Games/cheats/NGAGE/tomb_raider.html) page out for more information.

23-09-06, 23:00
what a forum troll? im sry for acting that way:(
but thanx for the cheats:D

26-09-06, 21:49
ok mone more request-can someone who has it just make a short video of croft manner and a little gameplay with the recorder? plz. its important

03-10-06, 20:38
can someone plz do that?

04-10-06, 14:50
Sorry cant help. (You keep on sending the same post over and over again...why dont you keep it in one...?)

06-10-06, 19:10
sry for asking so many questions. but i found out i'm getting it for my birthday!